Give Back with “Mommy Manders” and “WEE Volunteer”!

Looking for a way to teach your children the importance of giving back? Looking for a FUN after-school activity that is both developmentally appropriate and family-oriented? Looking for a program that will help  your child's mental and social development? Looking for something that's flexible and fits your busy schedule? Come "WEE Volunteer" with me! I promise it will make your day :) 3 Great … [Continue reading]

NEW: Monthly “Mommy Manders” STORY-TIMES!

UPDATED to include after-school kids, too: It's so much MORE than Story-Time! "Building BRAIN and FAMILY Connections" Come Play, Laugh, Sing, Read, Listen, Hug and Learn with Miss Lowry. These one-of-a-kind STORY-TIMES will include music and movement games, signing and singing, snack, a family prayer, a craft, poetry, take-home parenting tips and activities, and of course, AWESOME books! … [Continue reading]

Our State Fair is a GREAT State Fair!

"Our State Fair is a GREAT state fair! Don't miss it, don't even be late. It's dollars to doughnuts at our state fair, cuz' at our state fair it's the greatest fair in the state!" (MUST SEE: this video of my kids singing from 2 years ago on the way to the fair, Video of kids singing "Our State Fair" song. At that point in time, I had no idea that the backseat bickering would get even worse! … [Continue reading]

10 Fun Fall Family Rituals!

  “Loving, healthy RITUALS foster the development of loving, emotionally healthy children.... RITUALS are the GLUE that holds the MOSAIC OF LOVE together.” (Becky Bailey) Happy Fall, everyone! This is my favorite season for the crisp, cool days (still waiting) that refresh my spirit, the chance to be outside in nature again (now that the temperature in Dallas has dropped below … [Continue reading]

Halloween Books and Songs

I have a new favorite Halloween book this year! I discovered it in a box of hand-me-down books in the garage, and my kids love it! This week I've been reading it to my music students in pre-school, and they are a rapt audience! Kids love to be scared (but only when they feel safe...). The first few times I read it with Ellie, she would hide her eyes and peek through her fingers on the last couple … [Continue reading]

Great Idea: Celebrate Dictionary Day!

Did you know today is National Dictionary Day? (Also the birthday of Noah Webster) I didn't even … [Continue reading]

Slow and Steady Wins the “Rat Race”: Reflections on “Race to Nowhere”

Last night several moms and dads from my “Parent with Purpose” Meetup group gathered, along with … [Continue reading]

What kind of “SMARTS” are YOUR kids? Margaritas and Multiple Intelligences

Join "Mommy Manders" and other Moms for"Margaritas and Multiple Intelligences" What are the 8 … [Continue reading]

Fresh Air and Fresh Perspectives at Montreat: Little Cabin in the Woods


(Written on Monday, July 6, 2015)...I am outside working in the MIDDLE of the day! I'm enjoying a … [Continue reading]

Top 10 Benefits to “Free Range” Parenting!


Or as my husband Dustin points out, what used to just be called...."parenting". (This is part of … [Continue reading]

10 Free Range To-Do’s for Kids and Parents: For Growing Up and Letting Go

The first time Ellie wanted to walk home from school alone I kept my eye on her from the car!

(This is one in a series of posts on "Free Range" Parenting that I have written about the subject … [Continue reading]