Announcing: “Mommy Manders” Summer Camps 2015!

  Celebrate Summer!* Tues-Thurs, May 26 - 28 9:00-1:00, Ages 3-6, $150 NorthPark Presbyterian Church Specifically geared towards the pre-schoolers who get out of school before the bigger kids, we will enjoy some of summer's greatest childhood pleasures together - celebrating nature, a picnic, camp crafts, a lemonade stand, classic  indoor and outdoor games (no batteries included), and … [Continue reading]

100 Ways to LOVE your Child! Simple ways to Put Meaningful, Loving Moments Into Your Busy Parenting Day…

  There are MANY Ways to Say "I Love You"! ...My favorite Mr. Rogers song. Well, at least the one I'm singing this week for "Valentine's Day" in my pre-school music classes....Here are some favorites from my own family, along with some new ideas!  Please let them inspire you and pass them along. Got more ideas? Please add them in the comments so others can enjoy. This is a great FREE resource … [Continue reading]

“Loving-Kindness” Meditation for you and your children…

NorthPark Presbyterian Church (where I am the Director of Children and Families) has been doing a blog series on other religions, and I wrote about this Buddhist Blessing that I learned in yoga. It is a wonderful meditation, and like any good ritual in spiritual practice, can really help reframe any reality in a divine way. It's simple words can be a way of living and being and interacting with … [Continue reading]

Let’s Talk about SEX, Baby?

Well, it happened without any fanfare or drama. It happened in the matter of a couple of minutes, during a muted commercial break as our family was relaxing together on a Sunday afternoon watching our favorite show "Masterchef Junior". One minute the kids had no clue that Daddy had ever stuck his penis into my vagina, and the next minute they did. (Still feeling quite strange about the new … [Continue reading]

Ice Day Fun: Stuck inside with the kiddos?

Click on these 10 great "Mommy Manders" indoor fun ideas for connecting with your kids. Be safe, and make some meaningful memories! Look at each post for details, songs, rhymes, and ideas for each developmental stage. 1. Bubbles! 2. indoor water play 3. play school 4. Dance Party! 5. Make a tent! 6. Help with the chores 7. indoor "picnic" at the park 8. Craft … [Continue reading]

How Long, O Lord, How Long?

Here is a piece I wrote for our church "Advent" blog, NorthPark Presbyterian church Blog: Advent … [Continue reading]

Christmas Mini-Camp for Mini-Campers, 2014!


More After-Christmas SPIRIT and MAGIC for your little Elves! Monday, Tuesday & … [Continue reading]