Fresh Air and Fresh Perspectives at Montreat: Little Cabin in the Woods

(Written on Monday, July 6, 2015)...I am outside working in the MIDDLE of the day! I'm enjoying a summer escape to the peaceful Smokey Mountain village of Montreat, North Carolina where cool fresh air is the norm, and a morning mist or evening rain shower keeps everything lush and green. The sound of the creeks flowing over the rocks is your constant companion along walking paths, and the … [Continue reading]

Top 10 Benefits to “Free Range” Parenting!

Or as my husband Dustin points out, what used to just be called...."parenting". (This is part of series on my blog, learn ALL about "Free Range Parenting".) So, I only caught a little of this year's Super Bowl game. My family had fun going to a neighborhood sports bar (yes, with the kids), and I caught a few of the good commercials while Dustin taught the kids to play pool. I was in tears … [Continue reading]

10 Free Range To-Do’s for Kids and Parents: For Growing Up and Letting Go

(This is one in a series of posts on "Free Range" Parenting that I have written about the subject - check them out!) “After we train our kids to look both ways, wash their hands, and never go off with strangers – the age-old lessons our parents taught us – we can actually give them the same kind of freedom we had. Go forth and organize a game of kickball, kid! Ride thy bike to the … [Continue reading]

Are Kids Less Safe THESE DAYS? Top 10 Safety Tips for Kids

(This post is one in a series on "Free Range Parenting", partly inspired by Lenore Skenazy's great book called "Free Range Kids".) “Safety is good. But if we try to prevent every possible danger or difficulty in our child’s everyday life, that child never gets a chance to grow up.” When you think like a "free range" parent, you acknowledge that worrying is an unproductive, though … [Continue reading]

Just What IS “Free Range Parenting”?

“For everything there is a season…Childhood is but a short season.” "Lucy my play-mate, come out and play with me. And bring your dollies three, climb up my apple tree. Slide down my rainbow into my cellar door, and we'll be jolly friends forevermore." * Just recently, a group of moms gathered to discuss this "hot topic" in the judgment-free zone that is our "Parent with PURPOSE" … [Continue reading]

A “Free Range” Kind of Day…


"To Everything there is a season...Childhood is but a short season." As I slept in on a … [Continue reading]

Welcome to “BIG D” Little Bro! There’s SO much to do!


I'm just THRILLED that my younger, taller, wiser brother Jake has just arrived in Dallas with his … [Continue reading]

5 Summer Poems for Kids: Put 1 in Your Day!

Why not toss in a poem here and there on your slower summer days with the kids? At breakfast, at … [Continue reading]

Celebrate Spring! 10 Fun Ideas for your Family

  (This is the first post in my "Celebrate Spring" blog series. I'll be sharing great ideas with … [Continue reading]

Great Summer Books for Kids!

Happy Summer! The official season began today. And I'm celebrating by passing on a great list of … [Continue reading]

Road Trip Ideas: For Connecting (and Surviving) as a Family


Remember road trips from your childhood? No videos, no hand-held computers or gaming devices, no … [Continue reading]

Summer “to-go’s” in Dallas: affordable, family-friendly

{This post is my 4th in a series on "Slowing Down for Summer". Sometimes slowing down with your kids … [Continue reading]

Family “Noticing Nature” Walk for you!

Did you know that the First Lady has declared June "National Go Outside" month? In an effort for … [Continue reading]

Family Summer Center: Boredom Busters

The sun is rich and gladly pays In golden hours, Silver days, And long green weeks that never … [Continue reading]

What’s on your Summer “To-Do” List?


Happy Summer! Whether your kids are already out of school or counting down the days, most of us moms … [Continue reading]

“All Will be Well”: A Parent’s Prayer for Letting Go

 I free you from my anxiety...You are God's child...All will be well. Powerful phrases for parents … [Continue reading]