Mommy Manders Summer Camps! 2014: PLAY, LAUGH, SING, READ, LISTEN, HUG, IMAGINE!

 5 Camps, 5 Themes, Lots of Fun! All camps are held at my home in Lake Highlands. 9-1, 4 days, $200. Includes 1 lunch, daily snacks, take-home ideas, soundtracks, and more! Contact me if you are interested or want to register your child. 1. ALL NEW! "Celebrate SUMMER!" Camp May 27th - May 30th, Ages 3-6 Specifically geared towards the pre-schoolers who get out of school before the bigger kids, we will enjoy some of summer's greatest childhood pleasures together - running in sprinklers, nature walks, a picnic, camp crafts, a lemonade stand, classic outdoor games, classic … [Continue reading]

5 Summer Poems for Kids: Put 1 in Your Day!

Why not toss in a poem here and there on your slower summer days with the kids? At breakfast, at nap-time, reading on the couch, at snack-time, at dinner? As they get older, consider letting them choose one to memorize and recite for the family after together to write your own family summertime poem. Use some of these questions to get you started: What is your favorite thing about summer? Favorite summer activities? What sounds, sights, tastes do you think of with summer? Do you have a favorite summer memory? Poetry is so great for children - it's power of expression and … [Continue reading]

MO’ Freedom, Less Mommy!

(This weekend, we are headed with my parents down to the hill country of Texas to our home away from home, Mo-Ranch. Every summer families from our church, First Presbyterian Dallas, gather to relax and play there on retreat, and I've gone every year of my life except when I was on my honeymoon! Here is a reflection I wrote last year from about trip, but never published...) When MJ was a tot, he came down with an awful croupy cough when we were down at Mo-Ranch. It was the first time Iʼd experienced it, and I was no where near an ER. He awakened gasping for air and calling out for “Ma - … [Continue reading]

Homesick and Happy: Top 10 Benefits of Summer Camp for Kids

Bedtime at Camp by Amy L (This picture and poem were found on a lovely poetry website, "The Poem Farm",  by my new friend Amy!) ------------------------ make our kids happy give our kids self-esteem make friends for our kids act as managers and agents for our kids compete with digital media create a 2nd family for them make them independent keep them entirely safe This is the list of everything we wish we could do for our kids as parents, but can't. When we get to the healthy point where we can recognize the real limitations of our "parenting super-powers", we seek … [Continue reading]

This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land…

And now for the perspective part of my blog motto: "Parenting with PURPOSE and PERSPECTIVE" .... My "worries" of late: Gus, our visiting guinea pig, pooped on the living room chair instead of the towel. Ellie refuses to brush her teeth with the new toothpaste. MJ just can't seem to stop arguing with us when he gets in trouble. Did the kids put enough sunscreen on at the pool? Which car is in the best shape for our upcoming road trip? How do I get rid of that noosing mildew smell in my towels? And as I'm busy fretting about my own "first-world" problems, I hear the news of mothers in … [Continue reading]

Let Your Light Shine: 100 Acts of KINDNESS!


This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine! I believe that every child is born with their own inner light, and it is our responsibility and … [Continue reading]

Celebrating Summer! Celebrating Childhood!

Camp is FUN for everyone, doo-dah, doo-dah,  Celebrate the summer sun, oh-doo-dah-day Summer songs to sing, summer games to play,  Camp is FUN … [Continue reading]


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TODAY: MOOYAH BURGERS! 6713 West Northwest Highway (just west of Hillcrest) 4-10 pm Have you heard the term "Mommy Warrior"? My friend Nancy … [Continue reading]

Birthday Interview #5: Ellie!

That's a Thai iced tea, NOT a bloody Mary!

Ellie and I recently rode our bikes to Tukta Thai for dinner together. I "interviewed" Ellie about turning 5. I also got a few answers at one of our … [Continue reading]