“Mommy and Me” date

My “good thing” for the day….A “Mommy and Me” breakfast date with Ellie Kate! Dustin and I try to be intentional about creating these one-on-one opportunities with our kiddos about once a month, putting them into our schedules, arranging childcare or special grandparent time for the other child (or planning a simultaneous “Daddy Date”), getting that particular kiddo excited about the event…could be something as simple as a trip to the park, followed by a Sonic stop (Daddy likes to treat the kids to cherry-lime-ades), or a trip to the Science Museum, or to see a play at the Dallas Children’s Theatre. Great idea for a  fun family ritual is to have the kids each open an envelope on the 1st of the month that has a clue about their special “date”, and to mark it on the calendar together so they can look forward to it. (And helps you to be intentional about your kids, not just your rent or your dog’s heartworm medicine.) But, sometimes the best one-on-one opportunities come when you sieze the unplanned moment. 

What you can't see is that I am also modeling the "napkin bib".

This morning, Ellie and I  awoke in a house with no power (after a night-time storm), no food (since we just returned yesterday from a trip), no Daddy (he worked last night and today), and no brother (he spent the night with grandparents). We enjoyed a rare “Mommy and Me” snuggle this morning in Mommy’s bed. The quiet, loving, mostly non-verbal communication we shared through touches and tickles were in sharp contrast to the LOUD jumping monkey-fest that usually ensues when both kiddos are in bed to “snuggle” with Mommy, and something I rarely get to experience in the morning with my second child. Ellie was unusually cooperative for potty, diaper-change, dressing, without brother around to “bother” her (something she’s taken to saying lately), and/or enlisting her in a scream-through-the-house-naked run. We went to the Oasis Cafe, an old diner dive that our family used to frequent when we lived in the Village Apartments. We seemed to be the only mother-daughter pair mixed in with all the business suits. Over our mulitgrain pecan pancake and turkey bacon, I told her about how I remembered bringing her there when she was just a couple of weeks old, asleep in the carrier, too little to enjoy a pancake yet. And now whe was such a big girl! We signed “I love you” across the table much to the diners’ delight, an old man came and told us about all of his great-grandkids (and how cute and smart Ellie was, of course!),  she shared a few sips of my cream-and-sugared coffee, and I sang “Ooh, I like to be with you, Ooh, just you and me, Ooh, let’s share a pancake, Ooh, my precious Ellie…bum-bum-ba-dum.” The nice waitress Nancy remembered us from the days when MJ was Ellie’s age, and handed Ellie a ball to take home just as Ellie was handing her the tip. We held hands out to the car talking about our full tummies, and my heart felt full of joy and love – what a great way to start a summer day!


  1. Melanie says:

    I love the envelope idea! It’s hard to be intentional about creating “dates”, but this is a wonderfully creative way to do it.