Kids Can Cook: Fruit Pizza for the 4th

This has been a summer tradition for me for years – pre-college, pre-marriage, pre-kids – I have have always enjoyed contributing this treat for summer potlucks, especially for 4th of July. It is so colorful, and yummy, and I even enjoy the leftovers for a “healthy” breakfast. Now that I have kids, I see that it works really well for including them, and they will love it, too!

1 roll of refrigerated sugar cookie doughhelping with fruit pizza

1 tub of Cool Whip

1 tub of cream cheese (pick a flavor if you like, but then it won’t be white)

1 can mandarin oranges (save the juice)



(You can add kiwi or anything else if you like)

Some apricot jam or jelly

Cover a round pizza pan with foil, and spray well with Pam. Slice up the cookie dough, distribute the dough on the pan, and let the kids dip their fingers in cooking oil, and smoosh it all down into one giant cookie! Bake and cool thoroughly. Then comes the tricky part – turn the giant cookie over onto your round serving tray or dish, and carefully peel off the foil (or don’t worry about it – just eat it off the pan). While you’re cooking and cooling the dough, you can prepare the “sauce” and “toppings” for your pizza. Combine the cream cheese and whip cream until smooth, then stick back into the fridge –  you’ll spread it on the crust when it’s completely cooled down (don’t want it to melt and ooze). Wash your fruit, slice the strawberries in half. Let your kids help pick out the prettiest fruit for the pizza, and snack on the rejects. After you spread the sauce (another job the kids can help with), let them help you arrange the fruit – by rows or not. (My fruit pizzas are not as beautiful as they used to be simply because they are not truly “my” fruit pizzas anymore, but they taste the same!) Then I like to make a glaze using just  little of the reserved mandarin orange syrup from the can and some apricot jelly (pushed through a strainer so you don’t have any lumps and clumps – just pretty shiny glaze for drizzling over the finished product). Cover in plastic wrap, put in the fridge for later, transport carefully on your lap to a party, or just enjoy!