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Here’s the Scoop on “Good Deeds Week” 2011!


Saturday, Aug. 13 – Saturday, Aug. 20th

Sponsored by and “Wee Volunteer” of Dallas

How your family can participate in GOOD DEEDS WEEK:

  • If you are in Dallas – take a look at the events below, and join us for one or all! E-mail me at to let me know what events we can expect you for, or just show up! Subscribe to my blog for updates, and more ideas on extending this “Good Deeds” theme at home and in your family.
  • If you are out of town – the events on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday are all events you can participate in from afar – keep reading to see how. And the events on Wednesday and Friday might inspire an idea for your own community and family.
  • If you are just too busy this week – Consider taking the time to participate “virtually” in our lemonade stand fundraiser on Monday and canned food drive on Thursday. Please read about what we are doing, the great organizations we are supporting, and get inspired to plan some “good deeds” for your own family.
  • If you want to pass it on – Please share this post with your friends on facebook, or e-mail it. To get to those icons through my blog, just click on the title of this post to see the whole thing, and it will bring them up at the bottom – super easy! We want families to get the word out so we can do as much GOOD as possible. Thanks!

Do “register” your good deeds so I can report back as to how many were done by your families, as inspired by this “movement” near and far! You can do this by commenting on the posts throughout the week or e-mailing me at

Events will include:

  • Saturday morning, Aug. 13th: “Second Saturday Spruce-Up” at White Rock Lake, Meet between 8-9 at the FTLOTL (“For the Love of the Lake”) office in Casa Linda Plaza, Buckner & Garland Road (facing Buckner) for your spruce-up kit, refreshments, and maybe even a T-shirt! I plan to wear my 2-year-old, let my 4-year-old tag along as a helper, wear hats and sunscreen, and just see how long we last. The event lasts until 11:00, but just come make a dent and make a difference! Get more details on this monthly clean-up opportunity, a map, including safety tips at Second Saturday Spruce-Up. And then, continuing the green theme…
  • Saturday, noon-2: Pennies for Parks and Popsicles” at Preston Hollow Park, 6600 Park Lane. Stop by with your pennies to raise money for our kids’ parks in Dallas. I’ll have balloon animals and popsicles!
  • Sunday, Aug 14thMake a Meal – Share a Meal. On this “family day”, we’re encouraging you to make a meal with your family that you can deliver to a neighbor, a friend, a loved one who needs a little lift and a little break. Let everyone have a roll in the food prep, in deciding who it should go to, and in the delivery. It’s also a good day to make some home-made cookies, stick them in baggies or glad ware with little “thank-you” notes that the kids have decorated. Have them ready for the kids to hand out during the week: to your postman, to your yardman, to your dry cleaners, to your babysitter, to your housekeeper, to the “people in your neighborhood…the people that you meet each day”!
  • Monday, Aug 15th:  “Alex’s Lemonade” stands to raise money for Children’s Cancer Research. We’ll have 2 main stand locations in Dallas – one at Highlands Christian Church in Lake Highlands (4-6m), one at Northaven Gardens in North Dallas (5:30-7:30). If you want to come help with one of those, bring your kids, some lemonade, and a poster. OR, pop up your own stand on Monday at your convenience with the kids or with some neighbors. It would be great to have some all over the city. Let me know if I can add your location on our fundraising page so people will know they can stop by. Donate online for our event at our fundraiser page for alex’s lemonade. Is there a child with cancer you’d like us to honor? E-mail me at, and we’ll add their name to the list.
  • Tuesday, Aug. 16thTurn the Lights Off Tuesday” – no driving + no lights + no bath = fun at home for the Earth! Focus on ways you can save energy for the environment. Go around and unplug all your small appliances, talk about water, energy and gas conservation. Walk to the store if you need something. Plan your weekly errands efficiently with this day in mind. Invite your neighbors over for indoor play. See some of my great indoor play ideas for connecting with your kids, summer time fun. While you’re saving energy and stuck inside, consider cleaning out a closet or a toy box. Let the kids help set aside items to donate. Later in the week, drop them off together and talk about the families you are helping by sharing your STUFF. Salvation Army drop-off locations in Dallas. Set aside some used books for Friday’s book drive.
  • Wednesday, Aug. 17th: Share a smile, card, and song with the elderly residents at Presbyterian Village North. We’ll meet in Joyce Hall at 4:00 to color some cards, and share a family music class with the residents before their dinner. map and directions
  • Thursday, Aug. 18th: “Can We Fill a CANoe? Canned food drive for the North Texas Food Bank. Let the kids bring some cans and place them in the canoe at our drop-off location on the shores of White Rock Lake, at  White Rock Paddle, between 10am-7pm. The nice folks there will give your family a discount coupon to use when it cools off. They request soups, chili, stew, dried and canned beans, canned meats, peanut butter, cereal, canned veggies, canned fruit, baby food and formula. You will also be able to donate online to our virtual drive, NTFB drive
  • Friday, Aug. 19th: “Drive-through Book Drive” on Windledge Dr., across from Audelia Road Public Library. Look for the posters and boxes, and just roll down your windows! If you time it right, you can stop by for the 10:30 music-story-time at the library which I happen to be leading that day. Used books will go to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dallas. New children’s books will go to our area USO. From their website: “While departing troops are waiting for their flight back to the Middle East, they are encouraged to visit our United Through Reading Room. The room is a library of children’s books, and the troops select a book for each of their children.  USO Volunteers record the troops reading the books and when they are finished the DVD and book are shipped home to the children.  Kids  love this opportunity to see and hear their parent’s voice and read the book along with them.” You and your children talk about a book you love to read together, and buy that one together to make it even more meaningful. (Don’t forget, the Borders at Greenville and Lovers is going out of business, so they have some great deals right now!) Feeling inspired to support our local troops in more ways? Ways to support USO
  • Saturday, Aug. 20th : School Supply Drive at Fuddrucker’s on Greenville. Do some of your back-to-school shopping at Office Depot on Greenville, let your child fill up an extra back pack with some school goodies for a needy kid, and then bring it on over to Fuddrucker’s for lunch or dinner, where your child will get a free cookie when they donate! Grab a yummy burger while you’re there to celebrate all your good deeds!

Give back together, and teach your children that little hands make a BIG difference!


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