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Good Deeds Books for Kids

{Don’t forget to drop by White Rock Paddle to help fill our CANoe with CANS today, or donate virtually. One mom has already told me how much fun her kids had doing this online, and her son is now saving up to donate more on this fun “shopping” site, North Texas Food Bank. If you go in person between 10-7, you’ll get a canoe rental coupon, a water bottle, and a lollipop!}

And, in the spirit of Friday’s book drive (Audelia Road Library: bring new children’s books for our area USO troops to record for their children, and used books for the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Dallas), here are some book suggestions for YOUR family of do-gooders!

One of the best ways to plant the seeds for the kind of values you want to “grow” in your children, is to read books that represent these values with them. Here are some of my favorites for giving back, sharing, and caring for others. This first one is my very favorite baby gifts to give, and I have enjoyed reading it to my kiddos since that first day we brought them home from the hospital because of the important message it teaches: “Each time a child is born, the world changes. There is one more person to be loved. There is one more person to love others. The world is changed because of YOU!

See more books on giving for kids of all ages.

Because of YouThe Berenstain Bears Think of Those in Need (First Time Books(R))

Let Your Light Shine!: A Story about Helping Others

The Giving Book: Open the Door to a Lifetime of Giving [Book]

Somewhere Today: A Book of Peace (Albert Whitman Prairie Books)