Music + Brain = Magic!

What I know for sure…Music + Brain = MAGIC!

MJ's 1st Kindermusik class

1. Music makes for stronger memory connections.

2. There is a strong connection between music and math.

3. Music improves literacy skills.

4. Music improves oral language and listening skills.

5. Music improves comprehension.

6. Music improves social-emotional skills.

Okay, so let me get on one of my soap boxes for just a minute: your child needs to be experiencing MUSIC on a daily basis – preferably with their whole body, mind, and spirit…preferably at school and at home. Want to get inspired with songs, rhymes, and musical activities that you can use anywhere and everywhere with your children? “Play, Laugh, Sing, Read, Listen, Hug” with your child in a Kindermusik class. Yes, I’m a Kindermusik teacher, but I’m also a die-hard Kindermusik parent, and I can’t say enough good things about it. It is often my favorite hour of the week with my children, it gives us countless opportunities and ideas for bonding and laughing together in and out of class, and I see the connections being made week after week – brain connections and emotional connections that will last a lifetime! It is through Kindermusik, that I discovered my passion for teaching parents and families about making these connections. In one of my seminars called “Making Connections through Music” I encourage caregivers to use music as much as possible with children, reminding them what a natural “language” and learning tool music is for children. my seminars

Interested in Kindermusik? If you’re in the Dallas area, our classes start up next week. Check out our class schedule and

Can you find me and baby MJ? Some of these babies are now 4-year-olds playing glockenspiels and reading music in my classes!

locations at I’ve still got room for a few more families in my “Family Time” class (ages 0-7) on Wednesdays, 11:00, and in my “Young Child” classes (ages 4 1/2 – 7), Tues at 5:00 and 6:00, at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church.  Sorry, my baby and toddler classes are full, but “Soundsteps” has lots of other great teachers.

Not in Dallas? Find a Kindermusik class in your area: find a class.