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New Mommy Manders Event: Ready, Set, STROLL!

Okay, this is last minute. But I just found out about it, and wanted to invite you to participate with me for fun and for a good cause… It is a “Stroller-a-thon” which benefits Dallas County’s four Early Childhood Intervention programs that serve children with developmental delays from birth to age three. And if you’ve been in one of my music or parenting classes, you know that one of my favorite quotes is “What you teach from birth to three is what will matter most to me.”

So, this is definitely something I believe in, and wanted you to know about. The event is THIS Saturday morning at North Park Mall, 7:30 check -in (I’m sure the kids and I will be running behind), and 8:30 stroll! Ellie’s been waking up early, Dustin will be at work, so we’ll roll out of bed, eat some bagels and bananas in the car, and get the day started with some exercise, fun, and service!  Let me know if you want to come along, and we’ll stroll together… registration is only $25 for the family, or you can register the day of for $30.


So, I’m at this conference today at the Center for Children and Families at UTD, feeling like a college student again eating lunch in the Student Union and working in the library (hmm – I wonder if I’m blending in or if people can tell I’m a scatter-brained mommy of 2 who graduated from college over a decade ago). I’m learning lots that I’ll pass along soon, feeling even more passionate about my mission to build brain and family connections (though still short on time), but for now, I wanted to make sure you know about these great FREE resources in our DFW area.

  • Questions about your baby’s development? FREE screening for children ages 0-36 moths are offered at the Bachman Lake Public Library by UTD. Call 214-502-6457
  • Concerned about your child? Need help for your family? The Center for Children and Families at UTD offers FREE consultations and referrals for families, educators, and professionals for things like developmental screenings, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, learning differences, social skills, behavioral health, family and play therapy, speech and occupational therapy. Call 972-883-4827 or e-mail
  • Do you have an infant 3-14 months old? Are you interested in benefiting from participation in an Infant Learning Project examining what infants learn and remember about their earliest experiences?  More info at Infant Learning Project website