abcabcabc “Good Fings” from “Fanksgiving” (as my kids would say) — Mommy Manders

“Good Fings” from “Fanksgiving” (as my kids would say)

    • Good News! 2 of my very favorite people on Earth are going to have a baby, who will surely be another favorite of mine! My dear (little) brother Jake and his lovely wife Sarah (my sister-friend) announced (via sidewalk chalk) that they will be having their first baby in June!
    • A “get away”to my parents’ home 5 miles away! Still, when you stay overnight and separate yourself from the

      One Little Indian Girl

      Making Crescent Rolls w/ Aunt Sarah

      messyhouse, and the work to-do’s, it feels like a vacation. (Well, that’s going a little far…I still had the fussy 2-year-old and a strong-willed 4-year-old with me. Even a vacation with a beach and strawberry daiquiri would not feel like a vacation!)

    • As soon as we arrived, MJ ran over to GareBear, grabbed his hand, and did the Turkey Ritual: “I – am – thankful – for – YOU! Gobble, gobble” So fulfilling to see those moments when the love I share with my kids spills out of them and on to others. (Kinda like the way MJ’s “ooey gooey” glitter creation spilled out onto my kitchen floor the other day!)
    • A day of cooking togetherin the kitchen: a good thing, for sure. Cold day, warm oven, yummy smells, loving chaos, sticky mess! The kids rolled up the crescent rolls (“sampling” along the way), and helped with the cranberry sauce. These are the jobs I’ve had since my own childhood, and now I’m sharing the load. (Not sure I’ll ever be ready for the turkey and dressing job!) They also enjoyed “pomegranate” work – getting the seeds out for our fruit salad. Ellie only stuck two of them up her nose!
    • Another “good thing” in the kitchen: The cornmeal and cranberry stationsthat I created for them. (A bag of cornmeal in a big silver pie pan, with kitchen tools, plastic dinos and metal jacks; and a bowl of water with floating

      Fighting over the Cranberry "Station"

      cranberries, a muffin pan, chopsticks and spoons.) We made a mess, but we were all together!

    • MJ loved getting to set the table with his laminated art-work placemats, his pine cone turkey centerpiece, and the 5 kernels of corn at each spot.
    • A windy walk and lots of fun with Uncle Jake and Aunt Sarah from Chicago! (MJ brought along a bag to collect dead animals, and asked everyone we saw along the way, “Have

      Snitching Turkey w/ Uncle Jake

      you seen any dead animals? I’m collecting them for my science table.” Luckily, none were found – phew!)

    • Our “Thanksgiving Bowl” ritual was a big hit with the guests at pie-time. All the guests had written down what they were thankful for, and put into the bowl. I told MJ he could whisper what he wanted to write and I would help him. He said, “Ummm, how do you spell MOMMY?” Aaaaah. Then he changed his mind and wrote “Ellie” all by himself.
      When it was time to read and guess who each one belonged to, MJ enjoyed passing the bowl around for everyone to pull one out. Mine said “I am thankful for my healthy, happy, fussy, messy, LOUD children!” Dustin’s said “I am thankful that Ellie tucks me into bed when I get home from work, and MJ wakes me up to play a game with him while he poops.” Later in the game when MJ pulled one out, I instructed him to read it, and DUH, he reminded me, “But Mommy, I don’t know how to read!” Pretty cute.

      Reading with Uncle Jake

    • After pie, MJ entertained us all with his “magic” tricks, Thanksgiving songs, and solo dance party on the “stage” (tile entryway floor). Somehow he has figured out how to listen to the sample pop music on my phone, something I know nothing about. But he turns it on speaker and gets down! He shared the dance-floor with me for a while, and it is fun to move without inhibition with your 4-year-old!
    • Ellie saved her show for some of the lucky folks at Arapaho church. When we stayed to “help” with the community “hanging of the greens”, she ended up taking all of her clothes off, on the altar, even her diaper, and I had to chase her through the sanctuary to the smiles and giggles of many. Sanctuary Streaker! I did get her diaper back on her, and she and Brother each sat inside a wreath to “fluff” it, while Mommy sang “Deck the Halls”. Wish I had a picture of that! I’m trying to teach them the value of helpfulness and working together, though I’m pretty sure those wreaths were gonna need a little extra attention after my kids got done with them. Oh well. We definitely got the Christmas season off to a “merry” start!
    • Another “good thing”. A more tech-savvy person was working hard on my blog over Thanksgiving, and it looks great! Thank you, Casey. I’m working toward earning some much-needed cash doing this. So far, it’s all been “just for fun”, and for sharing with you! Make sure to click on my Amazon link to order your loot, and I get a small percentage which will help me keep up my blogging service/ passion, at no extra cost to you. Thanks!