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Snippets: Bike Crashes, Music Classes, and Political Clashes

As Ellie says, here are a few choice “sniffets” from my mommy-teacher life of late…enjoy!

  • On a walk in my neighborhood, I see a big moving fan in front of a house. I feel immediately relieved that I don’t have to prepare for a summer move as expected for Dustin’s fellowship. It is followed by a twinge of sadness that my family does not get to experience such an adventure together. (Maybe we’ll ride the train to Fort Worth for a weekend trip instead!)
  • I teach the last class for my “Young Child 3” graduates with their glockenspiels and dulcimers. Bittersweet because twins Kiersten and Matthew have been in my classes since they were toddlers, and have been in Kindermusik since they were a few months old! Kiersten’s mom tells me that the kids were in tears the other night when told that there would be no more music classes with Miss Lowry.

with "Young Child 3" grads

  • I endure the most disgusting cleaning task ever upon discovering a mess under our kitchen sink. Apparently, for some time, the garbage disposal had not been fully hooked up to the sink, so dirty water had been spewing out and collecting under there, growing mildew and fruit fly larvae. (We had wondered why we had this fruit fly infestation!) The little girl in me wanted to gag and run away, whining that someone else should do it. The big girl in me knew that I was the one now, but I still gagged. (MJ enjoyed getting to see the larvae – ah, an icky, silver lining!)
  • Both my children dodge the “serious injury” bullet on the same day. Ellie, while standing in a kitchen chair at the counter to stir her “coffee”, turns around and leans,  and the chair crashes down to the floor with her, and towards the brick wall/ stove. The chair breaks; Ellie somehow doesn’t. Later in the same morning, I walk as the kids ride their bikes down the street. MJ speeds ahead down the hill as I help Ellie and her Big Wheel up over a curb. When I look up ahead, I see two concerned women looking down at a pile of kid and curb – one a jogger, one a mommy who dashed across the street from her front yard. I missed it all, and could only proceed slowly to the scene of the accident with Ellie’s hand in mine, pink Big Wheel under my other arm. Apparently, he crashed pretty hard right into the curb, but he got back up without even a tear! Phew! 
  • While “playing” baseball in the backyard with Ellie, she hits me with the big purple plastic bat, telling me that I am the ball. I let her know that, in fact, I am not! (Little toot.)
  • (From “little toot” to “BIG toot”.) When I was pumping gas, a middle-aged woman begins to speak to me, and just when I think she’s going to say something friendly, she instead says something rude about my “Obama ’08” bumper sticker, which I have intentionally left on my car. Though she tries to egg me on, I respond politely, trying to kill her with kindness, “I don’t wish to talk about it with you, m’am, Have a wonderful day.” As I leave, I am fuming and wishing I had come back with some killer wit. I am thinking of my mantra, “Just tryin’ to put love out into the universe!” and wondering why someone would choose to be so divisive. I am a mommy, a teacher, a volunteer, a contributing citizen – how dare anyone question my American values! People can share values, can love kindness and goodness and children, but still think differently and come together for a common good. That is what democracy is about. Oh well, at least I’m the one who gets to drive away knowing that I’m the better person! Ha! (Just to specify, that is a so there “ha”, not a just kidding 😉 “ha”.)
  • Mommy does an impromptu story-time at the Audelia Road Public Library. I went to hang up a flier for my January  “Parent with Purpose” seminar, \”Intentional Parenting for 2012: A Fresh Start for Your Family\”, and find that families are showing up for a story-time that has been cancelled. Wouldn’t you know I’ve got a drum, scarves, books, a hula-hoop (for the sun), a box of Kleenex (for snowflakes), and other fun stuff in the back of my car! We have a great time singing, dancing, and playing together, I give them some great tips, and I’m hoping they check out my blog! (I remember when I was new to teaching music, and had to plan out and think through my lessons. Now, anytime, anywhere, I can create magic with kids! Try me! Now, if I could only use some of my magical powers on my own children…)
  • I begin to feel anxious about Dustin’s upcoming medical mission trip to Fort Liberte, Haiti. He leaves Friday the 13th, with a handful of other doctors, a couple of nurses, the pastor from our church, and some lay people. Some will be working in the orphanage, but Dustin will be working non-stop, offering basic health care to the poorest of the poor. Though he won’t get to do any surgery (no OR or equipment), because of his surgical experience, he’s the one in charge of burns and machete wounds. And he’s the only one trained to identify STD’s by scent! (Ewe, gross. Right now he has a cold, so hopefully his sniffer will be working better by then…or maybe not so hopefully.)  I feel sad that I could not go with him this time, as I imagine myself working my musical magic on these precious children. Another time…
  • Ellie (full of stories and chatter), tells Daddy one night while holding the tube of toothpaste, “This is medicine for my baby. This morning she woke up early and wanted to go in Mommy’s room. I told her, ‘NO, baby, that’s where Mommy Monster is!‘ ” (In my defense, I believe she is referring to the playful way that she and MJ snuggle and hide under the covers with me in the morning, not to the real Mommy Monster as portrayed in my popular post, \”Attack of the Mommy Monster\”.)
  • I come home from a meeting and find Ellie and Daddy asleep like little “princesses” in her bed.

Sleeping Beauties

  • While I’m hanging out with MJ in his room after school, he is busily putting up glow-in-dark stars that Daddy bought him at the Dollar Store. I open my arms, and ask him if he has time for a hug. My sweet boy gives me a big one, saying, I always have time for a hug! (A life philosophy I’ll be sure to remind him of when he’s 16 and on his way out the door to a party.)
  • Ellie is quickly going through all her new panties as we undergo serious potty-training boot camp (not my idea – but I’m going along with the teachers at school.) I do look forward to saving the money on diapers, but they’re oh, so easy!
  • We discover a new book of poems, A Child’s Calendar by John Updike, perfect for reading at snack-time. The January poem makes us wish for snow!

A Child's Calendar


  1. Melanie says:

    “I always have time for a hug!” Sweet boy.

  2. Sandi says:

    Come on over to Fort Worth sometime!! Lots of fun things to do – Children’s Science Musuem, Botanical Gardens, Fort Worth zoo is awesome and the little train by the zoo is great! Let me know if you head this way and we can meet and catch up! :)