Ellie’s Birthday Letter #2

enjoying birthday ice cream last year

I wrote this letter to Ellie last year for her 2nd birthday. She turned 3 yesterday, and this year’s letter is coming up tomorrow…It will tell the “tail” of whatever happens at her Kitty Cat birthday party today!

May 18, 2011

“Ellie Kathryn, We love you!

Ellie Kathryn, You are 2!”

That’s what our chalk board has said this week since we had our family party on Saturday night. I showed it to you, and left out the last word for you to enthusiastically fill in! And now you like to say the whole rhyme. You have grown and changed so much in the last year. Some things have stayed the same: your BIG personality, ranging from big belly laughs and enthusiastic shouts and grins to full-on throw-yourself-and-everything else-down-on-the-floor tantrums!  Girl, you are A MESS! But you are so cute, it’s so hard to be mad at you. For months now, you have been such a talker, and can say anything and everything in complete sentences, though sometimes it’s hard to understand you with your silly paci in your mouth. (And now you have a joke where you put 2 pacis in your mouth at once, and grin really big!) You continue to idolize your big brother, and you guys usually have LOTS of fun together squealing and running around the house, but you are certainly not afraid to stand up to him, even bopping him on the head if needed, and sometimes tattling on him when it’s not true, “Mommy, brother bit my finger! Brother need a time-out.”

You and Daddy have really bonded this year, and you always have lots of fun with him, often preferring him to me, and always cooperating better for him. Though, when it comes to a tough, tired, fussy moment, you always come back to me. A few nights ago when Mommy was gone, and you were being fussy with Daddy, you told him, “I want my blankey, I want my paci, and I want my Mommy!” Often, Daddy is the one to get you up in the mornings, but if he’s not there, you always ask about him and oatmeal (which he usually makes for you).  “Daddy at home? Daddy at work? Where’s my oatmeal?” And in the evening recently when you’ve asked about Daddy, and I said, “I’m sorry, Daddy has to work tonight”, you have bursted into your big cry. You love to “Hop on Pop”, and chase Daddy, take “family baths” with Daddy, and read and rock with Daddy. With Mommy, you like to play with your ladybugs, go to music class, and sing “Hot Cross Buns”, swing at the park, and go for stroller walks. Your favorite foods are “meat”, goldfish, and oatmeal, your favorite colors are pink and purple (though Mommy has not encouraged this), your favorite books are “If You Give a Moose a Muffin” and “Hop on Pop”, favorite games are “Hide and seek” and and any kind of “Peek-a-boo”, favorite activities are swinging and “driving the car a few minutes”, hard to pick a favorite song, but we often hear you shouting “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” from your crib.

On Saturday, Cha Cha and Butchie, GareBear and Beffa, and the Markhams came for your party (Mimi was out of town). Of course, brother had proudly helped to decorate with streamers randomly placed around the house, as well as hanging from the fan blades. We put several great pics of you on the table next to some flowers from Cha Cha for a centerpiece. Audrey (7) brought you a wooden dollhouse, and you all enjoyed playing together, and going all over the house holding hands. You got a purple and pink trike from Grandpa Mike and Grandma Gina, and you enjoyed riding that out behind our fence while brother tested out his new bike with training wheels and Daddy and David tried flying a new kite. It was a beautiful day! Daddy made us all a yummy fish dinner, but you went to town on the chips and spicy guacamole (we caught you in there at the kitchen table all by yourself, and suspect a little double-dipping was going on). Daddy also made his delicious key lime pie and you sat in your chair while we all sang to you. You knew just what to do, and blew your 2 candles out on cue, but then immediately stuck your fingers in the hot wax, and began waling. The rest of us enjoyed the pie, and you eventually calmed down and did, as well. Butchie kept you company at the table, and you and he made faces at each other (mad, sad, sleepy, excited, etc. – so cute!) That night you stayed up late playing with brother and Butchie in the play room, laughing and having lots of fun.

On Wednesday, your actual birthday, we had a nice family breakfast, and you chose “The Johnny Appleseed” blessing. Somehow Daddy managed to get you to into a cute outfit. (Already, you have strong opinions about what you wear, and like to choose your own mismatched outfits, mismatched socks and shoes. Something we almost always let you have control over, as we’ve learned to pick our battles with you!  I’m hoping you’ll get better at coordinating with age.)  Mommy took you to school, and brought your class some birthday cookies later in the morning for snack-time. When I walked in, Miss Carmen was just focusing the class’s attention on you, putting a birthday crown on you, and you were not expecting to see me. You broke down when I walked in, and started shouting, “No, Mommy!” I managed to convince you to let me stay, and I held you in my lap while the class sang “Happy Birthday”. I passed around your birth announcement picture so the class could see baby Ellie, I read our “Birthday Monsters” book, and your story-bracelet, “Hush, Little Baby” with your picture. Then, Miss Carmen invited me to stay and do songs in circle time, and enjoyed having you in my lap for that, as well. You love to sing, and know so many songs!  After your nap at home that afternoon, Owen and James Zsohar, our neighbors Jennifer and Charlie, and GareBear and Beffa came over for pink cupcakes on the patio. And that evening with Daddy, we showed you the video of when you were born, and Dr. Daddy said, “It’s a girl!” Also, the sweet footage of brother meeting you for the first time in Mommy’s hospital bed. Definitely the sweetest moment of my entire life!

I’m so proud of the way you are growing up, and I’m excited about sharing another wonderful year with you, my sweet Ellie! I love you to the moon and back!


Mommy Kate

blowing out 2 b'day candles on Daddy's delicious key lime pie!