Ask “Mommy Manders”

I often get wonderful questions from parents in my Kindermusik classes, parents at my seminars, parents who read my blog, and I always try to do my best in giving them educated answers, or at least steer them in the right direction or refer them to a helpful resource. For a long time now, I’ve thought, “I should share my answers to these common questions with all my readers since there is always some other parent out there tackling the same issue or concern.” So, I’m introducing a new regular “column” or category on my blog called “Ask Mommy Manders”. If you have a question or concern about a parenting or child development issue, or just want some thoughtful advice with a problem, chances are I may be able to help. If not, I’ll do some research and then help. And I will always ask your permission before sharing any personal information from your family and can always make it anonymous. I’m sure many of you readers can offer helpful comments to these questions as well, and I hope that you will as we are all trying to help each other out on this journey of motherhood!

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Let me know if you have any stories, insights, or questions on these upcoming topics:

  • Children being mean to animals/ pets
  • Whining!
  • Is my child “ready to read”?
  • Handling toddler tantrums.