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“Daddy and Me” books for Father’s Day

Need a last-minute gift idea? Start a new tradition of giving a sharing book to Dad each year to add to the collection. Or make it a whole  bag or basket full of books for your child to read especially with Daddy! Give this meaningful gift, an intentional gift, that will foster more special moments and bonding with Dad. Let your children go to the book store with you to pick them out, and look by alphabetical order for the author’s name. Let them contribute a few pennies or dollars from their piggy bank to hand to the cashier. Let them inscribe it with their name or initials, draw a heart (or tape in a drawing or handprint with “Happy Father’s Day” and the year), let them decorate the bag with fabric markers or the basket with ribbons. Include a framed picture of Daddy and child reading together to make it extra meaningful!

Here are some of our favorite “Daddy” books, and a few more I found:

Hop on PopA great Dr. Suess book to start with baby and beyond. “STOP! You must not hop on Pop!” Dustin has enjoyed reading this to our kids (and saying it during rough and tumble play) for years!

Octopus HugWe LOVE this book! Full of fun and simple physical touch “games” and rituals for Daddy and kids. Octopus hugs, broken rocking chair, feed the pony, animal bridge, and more! Give it to Daddy for a night at home alone with the kids, and the fun will be endless until they crash in exhaustion!

Front CoverA sweet board book about how different animals kiss their babies. Babies and children will have fun asking Daddy to be kissed “like a lion cub” or “like a wolf”.

Daddy Calls Me Doodlebug

This one will provide Daddy and child with some great nicknames for fun, and is filled with cute animal babies and Daddies. Talk about what Daddy calls your child, and what your child likes to be called by Daddy.

Product DetailsThis is a great board book for babies (like all Karen Katz books). Good one for initiating loving touch rituals like “finger hugs” and for counting together.

Product DetailsKids love books that bring animals to life. This one shows how a Daddy bear might take care of a little cub – washing, feeding, tucking in – all the same things that a child’s dad might do, but in different ways!

I Love My Daddy Because ...Another great book that shows how different animals experience the loving care of fathers: playing together, feeding, napping, etc.

Daddy's GirlThe fabulous Garrison Keeler wrote this for his own little daughter. It has great, rich, fun rhymes and tells 4 short stories of dad and daughter: sharing quiet moments together, taking a walk together, dining together, and dancing together. It comes with a jazzy CD of the song, too. A few commenters online did not like some of the imagery or language, so you might want to read through it first. But most love it! And I love Garrison Keeler, so I plan to give it a try. (A good gift from Ellie to Daddy.)

Daddy, Papa, and MeHere’s a great rhyming book about a family with 2 dads. You don’t have to be a family with 2 dads to introduce your children to the concept that LOVE makes a family, and families all look different.

Let me know…what are your favorite “Daddy” books?



  1. Tamara says:

    hop on pop!

    • MJ wants me to add that he also likes Daddy to read “There’s No Place Like Space!” with him. Here’s what he has to say about it: “It tells you stuff about space. It shows you lots of planets in the thing-a-ma-jigger, and the moon and the sun. And it tells you about satellites and space colors. I like to read it with Daddy because I like space.”