abcabcabc “Moments with Daddy”: A Poem for Father’s Day — Mommy Manders

“Moments with Daddy”: A Poem for Father’s Day

“Moments with Our Daddy”

written for Dustin on Father’s Day 2012 on behalf of our children by Lowry Manders

Waking up in the morning and finding that you are home!

You ask us if we want biscuits or pancakes or scones.

We start to work together.

Some dads teach in workshops, you teach in the kitchen with cooking tools,

We are your sous-chefs on our step-stools. And we want to be like you.

Waking up and Mommy says you’re at work – we won’t see you for a while.

Sometimes this makes us cry,

But we can drive to where you are because you’re never far.

We visit you in scrubs of blue, Holding your hands down Parkland hallways,

We call ourselves “Dr. Manders”, too! We want to be like you.

You read us the Lorax, and Cat in the Hat,

Reading Seuss with our Daddy – nothing’s better than that!

Sometimes we get to do science experiments,

and sometimes we get to build inside blanket-tents.

We love to LEARN and be SILLY with you!

Swinging me higher, higher, higher!

And launching and running, your assistant kite flier!

We love to go to the park with you!

To slide and zap, to climb and “cook”, to share a snack, to explore and look.

We love to PLAY with you.

You take us to so many places on “Adventures with Daddy!”

To see fish and fountains, ride the trolley and train, or splash in the rain!

But we love our “home days” with you best –

to do puzzles, model ship, driveway dining, or chess.

We love to be with you.

Sometimes it’s hard to wake up from my nap.

You play me peaceful music on the piano as I lay in Mommy’s lap.

And you make me smile and giggle with your silly willy ways

Your zrbts, tickles, and squeezes chase the grumps out of my days!

It helps to be with you.

You fill the bath tub for us, “so high you can’t believe it!”

Higher than it’s ever been! And then, “uh-oh, Daddy, YOU get in!”

Mommy keeps warning us, “Keep the water in the tub!”

And after you give us such a thorough scrub,

You let us scrub you in return.

We love “family bath” with you!

We lay down and laugh in Brother’s bed,

You tell us silly stories, putting pictures in our heads.

About when we were dinosaurs or had magical powers,

About when we were fairies and danced with the flowers,

and we love to IMAGINE with you!

Falling asleep with you and holding on to your arm in the night,

Giving you sleepy smiles, and snuggling up to you sooo tight.

Just us boys dozing off, and you tell me the next morning how I talked in my sleep.

We wonder together: What was going through my head?

We laugh and smile, snuggle and snooze, or join Mommy and Ellie in the big bed.

I talk about being a Daddy someday, I want to BE like you.