Healthy Summer Treat: Magic Milkshakes!

My clever Mommy-neighbor Jennifer gave me this great idea to sneak some extra nutrition into mine and my kids’ daily diets.

MJ in car w/ Magic Milkshake and super-hero helmet (Easter basket)

She calls them “Morning Milkshakes” and makes them each morning along with breakfast for her 3-year-old son, Charlie. As with any dish, the trick to getting your children to try and enjoy them is to involve them in the process. Charlie always reminds his mom not to forget the avocado! And my kids like to stand at the step-stool and push the blend button, then cover their ears and watch is all get mushed together into a dark purple color – smooth and yummy! I usually make them after rest-time, focus on their “magical powers”, put them in a saved plastic kids’ cup from a restaurant, stick a straw in them, and let the kids enjoy on the couch with goldfish crackers while I read to them, while they watch a show, or on the go in the car. I always have one, too, and sometimes, it’s a good lunch-on-tho-go for me. If your kids are into super-heros, you could go that route, too. Call it a “Super-Man Smoothie” and put your capes on to drink and fly together! In the summertime, it can give them super-powers for swimming, for soccer, for gymnastics, for SAT prep class – whatever they need!

You can really add anything and everything into the blender, but here are some of the options:

  • a couple handfuls of raw spinach leaves (magical powers: delivers oxygen to the whole body and energy to muscles!)
  • half or a whole avocado (magical powers: keeps hearts healthy and Vitamin E helps heal cuts and scrapes!)
  • some shredded carrots (magical powers: healthy skin and great vision!)
  • frozen or fresh blueberries or mixed berries (magical power: antioxidants in blueberries protect healthy cells!)
  • a scoop or 2 of sherbet (to make it a little more enticing and sweet)
  • a few squirts of raw honey (magical powers: fighting allergies and more!)
  • some milk and/ or yogurt (magical powers: strong bones and teeth!)
  • some OJ or AJ
  • whatever extra fruit you have on hand: mango, banana (magical powers: Vitamin B6 = smart brain!)
  • Jennifer sometimes adds some of the fruit or veggie baby food puree she’s made for her 6-month old, too.

Ways your child can be involved that help with fine motor/ cognitive skills: peel and slice banana, count blueberries/ remove stems, scrape out avocado with grapefruit spoon or fork, peel carrots (carefully), measure and pour in juice, milk, yogurt, squirt in honey, tear up spinach leaves…





  1. Jennifer Allen says:

    Thanks for the shout out! This post makes me hungry for my daily milkshake! Other greens to use are kale or arugula. :)


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