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Concerned about Depression?

Just learned you are pregnant?

Planning a pregnancy?

Worried about depression returning? 

As you know, I have struggled with depression myself, and am now doing very well with treatment. I know many other moms who have been through similar post-partum and post-post-partum (shall we call it “peri-maternal”, while being a mother) experiences and have also been brave and self-aware enough to seek treatment.

I wanted to make you aware of an opportunity to be a part of a free study that is looking at two interventions that are designed to help women who have a history of depression. There is a new study being done through UT Southwestern Medical Center, sponsored by the National Institute of Health. They are currently looking for women to participate, since it is a subject I certainly care about and I’m hoping it can help another mom out there (and her children!) I thought I would take the time to pass along some information about the study.

Benefits, if you qualify, include some compensation, a free diagnostic evaluation, regular monitoring of symptoms, and possibly an innovative intervention called Preventive Cognitive Therapy, education, and follow-up evaluations. Pretty good deal, right? They will be enrolling participants for the next 2 years. Research shows that risk for maternal depression is higher for women with a history of depression, whether you’ve been diagnosed or not. High prenatal life event stress in women is also significantly associated with compromised fetal neurobehavioral development, lower infant birth weight, and younger gestational age at birth. So the benefits are definitely for you and your baby!

You are possibly eligible if you:

  • are planning or in the early stage of pregnancy
  • live in the Dallas area
  • are not depressed now
  • have a possible history of depression and are concerned about its return
  • have access to a health care provider
  • have access to a computer
  • speak English

Interested? I encourage you to reach out – help yourself and others by participating:


You can ask for my friend Sonja.

 Want to read more about my own experience? Read “My Dragon” post Want to ask me questions about it or just talk? Please Contact me. Peace be with you.