abcabcabc We did GOOD! — Mommy Manders

We did GOOD!



  • 132 books collected for The Boys and Girls Club of Dallas
  • 34 grocery sacks full of cans collected for Brother Bill’s Helping Hands grocery store.
  • $468.90 for Alex’s Lemonade Foundation (for childhood cancer research).



  • 113 pennies shared by children for children.
  • 29 pictures and cards decorated for children at Children’s Medical Center
  • 2 nursing homes visited, 20 songs sung, 15 paintings handed out, along with countless smiles, hugs, kisses and colorings.


  • 30 bags of cookies given away as tokens of appreciation for workers in our lives.
  • 15 “Friendship Pizza Pasta” meals delivered to cheer family friends and neighbors.
  • 104 hot “Meals on BIG Wheels” served to our impoverished elderly neighbors, 52 of them in the POURING RAIN!

  • 1 surprise “Happy Birthday” songs sung by 16 kids, 7 moms, and 2 grandparents at the door!
  • 15 pet rocks given out as “friends” for the homebound.
  • 2 GREAT teenagers doing great things for their community!
  • 4 pairs of sibs getting to bond through giving all week!
  • 2 backpacks, 11 gluesticks, 4 packs of crayons, 4 rulers, 4 pencil pouches, 10 pairs of scissors, 6 sets of markers, 1 set of pens, 48 pencils, and 1 jump rope!


  • 300 needy K-5th-grade students given school supplies and 700 people served hot dogs at BBHH Cowboy Carnival!
  • 16 “Helping Hands” shirts made, 32 helping hands!


  • LOTS of fun had, memories, messes, and friends made!




  • Many lives and hearts touched, many observers inspired.
  •  Many children and families in our community learning the value and joy of giving back together to make a BIG difference!

A BIG “THANK YOU” to my “Wee Volunteers” for a great week of giving at “Good Deeds Week” Camp 2012!

Join us next year…



  1. Adrienne says:

    Inspirational! I love that these pictures, these stats and the growing hearts that made it happen!

    • One more growing heart on the way, Adrienne! We can’t wait to welcome your baby into the world. “Each time a child is born, the world changes…” and I know your little Wagner will add much love to our planet because that’s what his/ her Mommy will model.

  2. Tamara says:

    LOVE this and hope we will be able to participate next year. I feel like we missed out big time!