Great Idea: Celebrate Dictionary Day!

Did you know today is National Dictionary Day? (Also the birthday of Noah Webster) I didn’t even know there was such a thing, but I discovered it reading this silly (but fun) new book Ellie recently chose at the bookstore, Meet the Lalaloopysy Girls! Apparently it was the day that “Bea Spells-a-Lot” (one of the 8 dolls) magically came to life when her last stitch was sewn. Just a couple of days before we discovered this during our after-school “Story, Snack, and Snuggle” ritual, we had decided to start another fun new ritual, “Dictionary and Dessert”! As the kids and I sat down at the table for some dessert (which we do on occasion after bath-time), I let them each choose a letter (maybe their letter), and we turned in our kids’ dictionary, and read some of the entries (many of which have fun pictures). Try it for your afternoon snack or have some birthday cake tonight for the Father of Dictionaries, and learn a new word or two together. Look up the letter “D” for dictionary and see the cool dinosaur pictures and talk about “dew” and “dice”. Build a sentence or story with some new words. Play the silly game of “dictionary” where you make up some silly definitions for an obscure word, and everyone tries to guess the real definition.

DK First Dictionary and Thesaurus

DK First Dictionary and Thesaurus

Apparently, this is a whole series and a doll set. (But my kids don’t know that – sh!)

See more ideas and resources at: dictionary day site


  1. Gary Minton says:

    YES!!!!! The kids are from a family which loves words, or is it that we are just a wordy family. In any case, wish Noah, “Happy Birthday!” from GareBear.