Halloween Books and Songs

I have a new favorite Halloween book this year! I discovered it in a box of hand-me-down books in the garage, and my kids love it! This week I’ve been reading it to my music students in pre-school, and they are a rapt audience! Kids love to be scared (but only when they feel safe…). The first few times I read it with Ellie, she would hide her eyes and peek through her fingers on the last couple of pages, but as we read it more and more she’s developing her own sense of fearlessness and bravery like the little old woman! It is a great book for involving participation as the children test their memories, each page adding a new element, pattern, and sound to the story. The children use their bodies to “clomp”, “wiggle”, “nod”, and more. This week in class we will be adding sound effects for each item with percussion instruments. You could also extend the lesson with a felt board, or clothespins with the items, or a paper “scare crow” doll to dress in order, adding the very important word, “BOO!” Don’t forget to point to the  sound words every now and then and let the children get the concept of “reading” a word as they fill in the blank. They will love it, but don’t let the spoil the ending for their friends!

Let the kids put these items in order and have fun telling the story themselves!

Let the kids practice strengthening their fine motor skills by pinching the clothespins and putting them in order, maybe each one being assigned one, and listening for their “cue” in the story.

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