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New Gift for YOU: “Inspirations with PURPOSE” for Mommies

Now just $8 in my “Mommy Store”This is a collection of 20 of my favorite quotes and catchy phrases to inspire your “Mommy” day. Some of them come from teachers and authors who inspire me, and some of them came to me in my most inspired moments. Each one comes on a brightly colored peelable-removable sticker. They are meant to be placed around your “Mommy” day places as reminders – on your fridge, by your kitchen sink, on your bathroom mirror, on your dashboard, on your computer at work, on your laptop, any place that it might catch your eye, heart, and mind and remind you of some simple parenting principle to help you on your journey as a “Parent with Purpose”. Each quote and principle is explained in my “Inspiration Guide” that comes with the pack. The explanations themselves offer insights into child development and psychology, along with practical tips for parenting at different ages and stages. These stickers could also be “rotated” in a special “meditation” spot for you to focus on each day (say, beside the coffee pot!) Once you master one concept, you could switch it out for another (say the next week or year! Go at your own pace…) They make a thoughtful and helpful gift for new moms and ALL mommy-friends that you want to support and encourage along this journey. We’re all in this together, and it’s nice to have some positive thoughts to help propel you in the right direction, and through the toughest parenting times!

This one is by my bathroom mirror so I see it in the mornings: “Do your eyes light up?” and “Play, laugh, sing, read, listen, hug.”

I have this one on the fridge: “What you FOCUS on you get more of.”


This one by my sink encourages me to leave some dirty dishes, and go play with the kids: “Joining the fun creates the JOY!”

This one is on my drier reminding me that the little things don’t matter: “It’s about LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…”

This one is by my toilet. Hey, sometimes it’s the only chance I have to take a deep, private breath: “Love is patient, love is kind, though tired and harried.”

My friend Kristie has this one in her kids’ bathroom: “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”

I see this one on my dash board, reminding me to listen to my children in the car: “We all just want to be seen and heard.”

This one greets us at the back door, as we come in through the garage: “Take responsibility for the energy that you bring into this HOME.”

I see this when I come home in the “mud” room: “Sometimes the way home is love. Sometimes the way home is together.”

If you like these quotes, I offer a similar package especially for teachers. This makes a great “teacher gift” to show appreciation!