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100 Acts of Kindness!

What I know for sure…if you look for them, acts of love and kindness are EVERYWHERE! Focus on them this week with your own kids, and watch what happens…

Congratulations, Good Deeds Campers! We reached our goal this week of…


  1. The children helped to make “The World’s Greatest COOKIES” to give to friends and helpers as a way of sharing love and appreciation.
  2. The children helped make friendship pizza pasta to give to a friend.
  3. The children set up picnic spots for their grown-ups, and served them some food.
  4. The children and families delivered 43 Meals on Wheels!

 5. The children assembled and handed out “blessing bags” to the Meals on Wheels clients. (The “Blessing Bags” included water bottles, granola bars, chapstick, tissues, and a card. GREAT to have in the car for homeless people you might see this summer.)

6. The children sang Happy Birthday to 4 elderly residents.


7. The children made paintings to deliver to elderly residents at a nursing home.


8. The children shared songs, smiles, and hugs with the residents.


9. The children collected over 100 cans for the Feed Lake Highlands.


10. The children worked together in an assembly line to load up the cans and food items.


11. The children helped to unload the bags of cans and deliver them to the food bank.

12. Miss Jill shared orange juice boxes with the children at Feed Lake Highlands.

13. The children made lots of cards for children at the hospital, and in the cancer clinic.

14. The children raised over $150 for Alex’s Lemonade Foundation in honor of our friend and neighbor Cooper (age 4).

The children all worked together to carry supplies to the lemonade stand.


15. Cooper showed us his beads of courage, and his hospital pictures.

16. Highlands Christian Church let us use their shady spot and their bathrooms for our lemonade stand.

17. Their Pastor Paul stopped by on his bike with his son to make a donation.

18.Many neighbors and friends came by to support us and make a donation.

19. Far-away friends and family Kathy and Kerri made donations online.

20. Liam’s dad played the piano for us!

21. Papa John’s Pizza gave us a discount for our pizza party!

22. Kenneth brought Miss Lowry a flower.

23. Jacob helped to pick up the sidewalk chalk.

24. Tristan helped with the laundry at home.

25.Liam made orange jello to take to his friend in the hospital.

26.Michael james made Daddy a bracelet.

27.Keaton shared his snack with J.T.

28.Farren crawled under the bushes to retrieve her brother’s legos.

29.Luke made a thoughtful birthday card for his mommy.

30.Liam colored a blue card for Isaiah’s birthday.

31.Luke waited patiently to throw the ball.

32.Isaiah brought Miss Lowry some fresh veggies from his garden.

33.Jacob cleaned up his toys at home without his mommy asking.

34.Indigo helped clean up the trash.

35.Libby opened the door for Abigail.

36.Luke poured water for his friends.

37.Farren was honest.

38.Jacob carried the cups for our water break.

39,Tristan shared his toy with little brother Gavin in the car.

40.Liam told his mommy that she’s a good mommy.

41.Isaiah and Jacob shared the laser toy with one another.

42.MJ shared his sleeping bag with Ellie and snuggled with her.

43.Henry helped clean up the trash on the bus.

44.Indigo helped put away the parachute.


45.Liam’s mommy helped him with a craft project at home.

46.J.T. helped Abigail fold the paper sacks.

47.Abigail helped Miss Sherri find her phone.

48.Kenneth was patient.

49.Jacob gave Kenneth his cookies.

50.An anonymous “clothes fairy” dropped off 2 big bags of hand-me down kids’ clothes at my house!

51.Beffa read to MJ during dinner.

52.GareBear took Ellie to her swim lesson and to art camp every day.

53.Luke gave his sister a snack.

54.Tristan helped his daddy install ceiling fans.

55.Michael James helped his daddy clean out the freezer.

56.Henry shared his toys with his little brother George.

57.Indigo let her mama sleep late!

58.Kenneth shared his toys with little sister Helen.

59.Keaton found the remote for us!

60.Kenneth shared his book with friends on the party bus.

61.Indigo helped get a dish for her mommy.

62.Isaiah shared stickers with Indigo.

63.Tristan stood on the paper sacks to keep them from blowing away.

64.Miss Tricia let us use her truck for all the cans.

65.Isaiah swept the floor after dinner.

66.Keaton gave cookies to his friend Charlie.

67.Keaton and J.T. carried the sacks of cans outside to the truck.

68.Libby worked SO hard to yell “Lemonade” at the lemonade stand, giving the younger kids a break.

69. J.T. passed out the napkins at snack time.

70.A kind lady at the grocery store cleaned up the milk that Tristan spilled.

71.Keaton helped his sister reach a snack in the refrigerator.

72.Tristan and Henry cleaned up the marble tower.

73. Kenneth got lemonade for his sister.

74.Isaiah apologized.

75.Tristan dust-busted the floor for his mommy.

76.Kenneth took his sister down the slide.

77.Libby made a card for Abigail.

78.Farren shared her friendship pizza pasta with Hallie.

79.Ellie gave the mailman a painting for his birthday.

80.Miss Lowry shared popsicles with the yard workers.

81.Luke was a good listener at camp.

82.Ellie shared her new toy with Michael James, and they played together cheerfully.

83. Ellie gave MJ a nice compliment at their swim lessons.

84.Tristan gave hugs to Gavin.

85.Libby helped load and close the truck.

86.John let us use his lemonade sign for our lemonade stand.

87.Farren swept the floor.

88.Isaiah set the table for his family.

89.Indigo told me (Miss Lowry) that she loves me, and gave me a big hug!

90.Libby helped an elderly neighbor when she was at her Grandma’s house by visiting and having lunch with her.

91.Indigo played with baby Mary Jo.

92.Kenneth and Helen made a birthday banner for Papou.

93.Farren made Miss Lowry a heart.

94.Tristan gave his mommy kisses and told her she’s a good mommy.

95.Isaiah was a good listener at his swim class.

96.Indigo helped a friend buy a drink.

97.Luke helped carry the water pitcher.

98.Liam helped make breakfast.

99.Luke was kind to Indigo.

100.Mary Jo decorated cards for sick children.


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  1. Georgea says:

    Simply beautiful. I love what you are doing. What an inspiration!