Our State Fair is a GREAT State Fair!


Our State Fair is a GREAT state fair! Don’t miss it, don’t even be late. It’s dollars to doughnuts at our state fair, cuz’ at our state fair it’s the greatest fair in the state!”

(MUST SEE: this video of my kids singing from 2 years ago on the way to the fair, Video of kids singing “Our State Fair” song. At that point in time, I had no idea that the backseat bickering would get even worse! And it’s not nearly as cute now…)

Doctor Dustin had one of his two weeks of vacation last week, so we crammed a LOT of fall family fun into  7 days! Friday was our “Fall Family Fair Day”, our first without a stroller! It worked out great because it was cloudy and cool, and there were not many folks there. I began having second thoughts when we were just steps from our car, headed toward the entrance, and Ellie said her legs were tired. Michael James wanted to bring an umbrella (and a sketchpad and a stuffed tiger…..), but we insisted he leave his “totally prepared” backpack in the car because we did not want to end up carrying it. The weather report on my phone indicated clouds, but no rain. MJ said it was going to rain and we would get wet. Daddy made a bet with him in the parking lot, “OK, Michael James, if it rains I will buy you a whole funnel cake!” 


A little later in the day, as we were enjoying our corney dogs at the feet of the new Big Tex along with many others, the skies suddenly opened up, and everyone went running and squealing for cover. MJ got his funnel cake!


We started the day with a family ride on the ferris wheel. I remember watching this go up when I was 7 years old in Dallas!

We started the day with a family ride on the ferris wheel.



The kids had fun at Daddy's favorite part of the fair, the car show, where we took cover from the short shower.

The kids had fun at Daddy’s favorite part of the fair, the car show, where we took cover from the short shower.



Next, we went to “Little Hands on the Farm“…they kids are not as into it as they used to be, but they are still very into the treat you get from the “general store” at the end! And it is fun to see how their hands (along with the rest of them) are not so LITTLE anymore. For us, this has become a sort of cultural/ chronological childhood landmark.

"Little Hands on the Farm"

“Little Hands on the Farm”


Ages 3 and 16 mos

Ages 3 and 16 mos

Farmers Ellie and MJ, fall 2010

Farmers Ellie and MJ, fall 2010

So fun to watch them grow with these chronological/ cultural childhood landmarks. .

We had fun exploring the creative arts exhibit – photos, paintings, lego sculptures. LOVED the “Glue a Shoe” contest, and I’m determined to finally get on the ball and give the kids a chance to enter a contest (due in July-August).Details on Creative Arts Competitions

  • We discovered a few fun new Fair experiences as a family, including our first family roller coaster ride on the Zillerator! I was so impressed that brave little Ellie did not even hesitate though she was barely tall enough to ride. Mommy held her arm firmly over Ellie’s little body, just as extra “protection” keeping it from flying out on the little hills, and she wanted to do it again as soon as we finished, but the . The kids had fun listening to Mommy squeal and scram. It was just awesome fun!
The one on the left won! Never quite figured out why...

We happened upon this sheep competition….The one on the left won the blue ribbon –  Never quite figured out why…

Ready for their first RODEO!

Ready for their first RODEO!

  • We tried the Pee Wee Stampede for the first time, for kids ages 3-6. MJ actually won a trophy  in his division of Bucking Bronco riders (never pegged this one for a rodeo champ). Apparently he made his stick horse jump the highest, and rode so hard that he lost a shoe, while staying on…though I’m pretty sure the “point system” is totally arbitrary.  Little Ellie did a great job on her stick horse in the ladies’ barrel racing competition, actually going around the barrels in the correct order, but alas the judges chose another cowgirl as champ. Though all the little rodeo riders came away with blue ribbons, Ellie remained bitter the entire day that Brother had won a trophy and she didn’t.  Hours later, she fell asleep insisting that she had not had any fun at the fair as a result of this injustice…and Mommy was thinking, screw the latest “trophy” research! Give my girl a trophy so we can all get a break and get some sleep. (See my post on ““Are Trophies Bad for Kids? Why It’s Good to Be a Loser Sometimes”)


Ellie barely masks her disappointment at her blue ribbon...but she never cried.

Ellie barely masks her disappointment at her blue ribbon…but she never cried.

We happened upon a champion cowboy rope artist, and really enjoyed his tricks!

We happened upon a champion cowboy rope artist, and really enjoyed his tricks!

  • After seeing the amazing African Acrobats, Ellie and MJ were inspired to practice some of their own “tricks”:







We actually stayed all the way until the twilight parade! There were a couple of afternoon tantrums, but we made it! (The break in the beer garden helped, but I wish I could have snuck away for a nap in one of the relaxing massage chairs.) From our laps on a bench, the kids enjoyed the bright lights and colors of the cheesy floats (no Rose Bowl Parade). When we saw some kind of young “honey” princess riding in a “carriage” float, Ellie (4) said…”I’ve wanted to ride in one of those since I was young.” And that ended up being her favorite part of the day.

See you next year, BIG TEX!