abcabcabc Tomorrow is BACKWARDS YAD! — Mommy Manders

Tomorrow is BACKWARDS YAD!

Did you even know there was such a thing? It’s true, and it’s LOTS of fun to celebrate with your kiddos. A great chance to turn an ordinary Friday into a memorable and SILLY one – creating moments of brain and family connections! I discovered this last year as I was getting ready for school with the radio on WRR Classical 101.1. Here are some ideas from my family and classroom to yours. Kids just love these nonsense activities, but they are also great brain exercises:

  • Try to sing the alphabet backwards…hint: it helps to write the letters out. At the end, you sing, “Now I’ve sung my ZYX’s, guess that’s not what you expected.”
  • Sing “Toes, Knees, Shoulders, Head”…you might get stuck on the ears and eyes part… Don’t hurt yourself!
  • Wear your clothes backwards, of course! (Or at least a hat.) And let your kids turn their backpacks into “front-packs”. Finally, a day to help my unique Michael James (6) look normal…this kid has enjoyed wearing clothes backwards  (yes,  even whitey tighties)  backwards for years!
  • Eat dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner, or eat dessert first! (Don’t go with Dustin’s idea of vomiting for breakfast – gross!)
  • Read a book backwards!
  • Watch a short video clip or cartoon in rewind or “fast backward” (as Ellie calls it).
  • Play “Backwards Charades” – see if your kids can guess what daily tasks you are acting out backwards!
  • Try to write and say your names backwards. (Some names are pretty funny –  I will call Dustin “Nitsud”!)
  • Got an older kid? Watch “Back to the Future” – good timing since the “future” date just past, Jan. 26, 2014 – pretty cool!
  • Take a silly family pic with everyone posing backwards, but don’t forget to smile and say, “ESEECH!”


  • Think of all the songs you can with the word “back” in them….”Back in the Saddle”, “Miss Mary Mack“, etc…(maybe leave out “Baby Got Back“)
  • Read a silly poem!

Mr. Backward by Douglas Florian.

Mr. Backward lives in town.
He never wakes up, he always wakes down.
He eats dessert before his meal.
His plastic plants and flowers are real.
He takes a bath inside his sink,
and cleans his cloths with purple ink.
He wears his on his nose,
and a woolen scarf around his toes.
He loves his gloves worn inside out.
He combs his hair with sauerkraut.
His black dog is covered green.
His grandma is seventeen.
He rakes his leaves still on the trees.
He bakes a cake with antifreeze.
He goes to sleep beneath his bead.
While wearing slippers on his head.