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Ideas for Read Across AMERICA Day: March 3rd!


Well, March 3rd is also my birthday, and 1 day after Dr. Seuss’s 113th birthday! (I’m turning 77 years younger!) If you’re a parent or a teacher, find at least one FUN Way to celebrate. I’ve listed “10 Ways to Celebrate Seuss” for you and your class or family at home to enjoy together! I celebrated Read Across America Day a little early this afternoon by leading a “Wee Volunteer” Project today at “The Rise School of Dallas” for kids with special needs and their siblings!

We decorated bookmarks, shared some favorite books, “read” some pictures for our “Freeze Dance”, read some action words on the white board that told us how to dance, played with bean bags, and just had fun! We turned the phrase “Read Every Day” into a simple rhythmic pattern with body movement so it would stay in our brains: “Read every day, read every day, read, read, read, read, Read every day!” I also taught them my song, “Read a Book, Read a Book” which is a great one to sing every time you head to the bookshelf…The kids will be sharing green eggs and ham for lunch at school, along with this poem I wrote, on Monday in honor of ol’ Theodore…

“Happy, Snappy, Zappy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!”

a poem by Mommy Manders

This news just in! Did you not know?

(That’s why I’m bothering telling you so!)

Listen up, all you ears, if you have not yet heard.

Grab your Whisper-ma-Phone and help spread the word:

Friday is a special day –  For readers near and far away!

A day to rhyme, a day to laugh, a day to imagine a purple giraffe!

A day to don a special hat, and party with a special cat.

It’s Dr. Seuss we celebrate! For it’s his birthday – don’t be late!

All children ’round the world should know, children high and children low,

Children west and children east, children eating warm roast beast,

Children blue and children green, children everywhere in between!

Tell all the creatures, great and small,

from Yertle the Turtle to the Zall down the hall,

from the Jungle of Nool to the lakes of Da-Dake,

Make sure Jo-Jo in Who-ville is alert and awake!

Tell the Quick Queen of Quincy and her quacking quacker-oo,

And don’t forget Horton, and Fox in Socks, too.

Tell the Zax, Sam I Am, and the Wump and the Yink,

(And I’ll let YOU pass it on to Rink-Rinker-Fink.)

Shout the news to the north and the south of Na-Nupp,

And we must make sure all 23 Daves are up.

From the Valley of Vail and the high mountain-top,

Gather every Seuss creature whose voice can shout, “YOP!”

Climb to the top of the Eiffelberg Tower, climb the tuttle-tuttle tree,

tell the Zower in the Shower …

that today is a day to celebrate!

To play, laugh, and sing, to read, to create.

Today  is a day to adore a man who…

“Biggered” our brains with a Zong and Jibboo,

He biggered our language, our yearning to read,

Taught us to imagine a Zans and a Thneed,

He taught us that play is still key for a kid,

And passed on life’s best lessons – that’s what he did!

He biggered our dreams and he biggered our fun,

He biggered the world for every one!

We love Dr.Theodore Geisel, it’s true!

“Happy Birthday, Snappy Birthday, Zappy Birthday to YOU!”

Whether you love Seuss as much as our family does, or you’re just getting started, look here for ...10 Ways to Celebrate Seuss! Great ideas for class or home to use next week or anytime!

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