Happy 36th Birthday: A Letter to Myself…

Well, I’m waking up to the coldest birthday I can remember! 25% and school is closed (again) here in Dallas due to ice and sleet on the roads….but my kids spent the night at my parents’ house last night, so “ahhhhhh“, I have a quiet morning to my older birthday self! A nice gift, for sure….

One of my favorite “intentional parenting” rituals with my children is writing a birthday letter for them each year. (Ok, I have a confession to make….last year I never got around to writing one for Ellie’s 4th birthday, so come May I will make #5 super-special!) See some of the letters: MJ birthday lettersEllie’s birthday letters

I recently found a letter that I wrote to my 7-year-old self at a women’s retreat, and I think it makes a good “birthday letter”.  The hope is that, just like my children, with every birthday I’m growing and changing. That I’m becoming more and more myself, gaining knowledge and wisdom, learning from experience, learning to breathe, relax and enjoy life, letting go of the little things, practicing receiving more love, working hard to achieve my goals, and maybe, just maybe even living up to the prayer that I like my children to overhear me say about them: “God, thank you for the way this child is growing up! I’m so proud of the way she is learning to be more loving and kind, learning to share and help, becoming more and more the amazing child that you have created her to be!” 

In the exercise, we slowed down and tapped into our sub-consciounce by using our non-dominant hand to write (at least that was the idea).

Dear Lowry, 

You are such a wonderful, beloved child of God. You are lucky to have such a happy, carefree life. Enjoy it! Don’t be too serious. God has given you many gifts that you will use. Don’t forget to SLOW down and rest. 

Someday you will have precious children of your own. Hold them, play with them, love them, no matter what. Be kind and patient, but forget about perfection. You are a gift to the world and the world is a gift to you. 

What would you say in a letter to YOUR seven-year-old self? How about yourself now? How about to your child? It is a good reflection that will help you connect more to your complete self and your own children. And I’ll let you in on the birthday “secret” that I share with the pre-school children I teach when they are celebrating a birthday. I whisper to them, “You are a beloved child of God, and I’m so glad you were born!”  I tell them that it’s a safe secret they can keep or share, but I hope YOU will share it today with someone you love!

Silly sibs: celebrating our joint birthday party. Little Brother Jake's b'day was Feb. 28th, so we had a family pancake party on Saturday!

Silly sibs: celebrating at our joint birthday party. Little Brother Jake’s b’day was Feb. 28th, so we had a family pancake party on Saturday! I should have taken a pic of the cute chalk cake and balloon drawings that the kids did on the sidewalk…


  1. Liza Lake says:

    Happy Birthday Dear Friend! I want you to hear one more time…You Are a beloved Child of God and I am so glad You were born! Thank you for sharing this beautiful and inspiring post with us. I wish you peace, love and joy today and everyday!

  2. Melanie says:

    Happy birthday, lovely Lowry! The Overtons are glad that God made you!!