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“Celebrate Spring!” A To-Do List for Busy Families

 “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. Margaret Atwood

Overwhelmed and exhausted with birthday parties, soccer games, egg hunts, spring music and ballet recitals, and school fundraisers? April and May can be a BUSY time of year! But have you just stopped to play outside? To notice the new bright green leaves on trees, to fly a kite in the breeze, to see the flowers blossoming and bees buzzing? Have you slowed down long enough to take your shoes off and feel the new grass under the soles of your bare feet? Our to-do lists seem to grow with the grass at this time of year, but maybe we should consider a different list, even if just for a day.

SLOW down, Keep it simple, and check off this to-do list this spring:

  • Go barefoot in the grass!

O Spring, O Spring, You Wonderful Thing!
O Spring, O Spring, O Spring!
O Spring, O Spring, when the birdies sing, 
O Spring, O Spring, O Spring!

  • Wear a ball cap….(Ellie borrowed mine to help her fall asleep.)


  • Host a lemonade stand  (or sell some rocks…)



  • Take some nature pictures….(let your child be the photographer)

MJ took this shot at the Arboretum.

  • Draw some nature pictures in the grass!


  • Roll and play in the grass!


  • Sing under a tree!

Great way to start the day: Singing under the tree!

  • Read outside!


  • Day dream or just full on take a nap outside!

Ellie and friend Kate relax at the Dallas Arboretum
Ellie and friend Kate relax at the Dallas Arboretum

  • Splash a little!


  • Go for a bike ride!


  • Be SILLY!


  • Hang out with friends in a tree house! (or fort)


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