12 Great Easter Egg Ideas for Making Brain and Family Connections!

Me and my family, Easter 1983?

Me and my family, Easter 1983?

Happy Easter from my Family to yours!


My new Easter family, 2013

Bombarded with little plastic Easter eggs everywhere you turn? Here are a Dozen great uses for them!

1. Conversation Starters! Put in Easter Egg Questions: 12 Talking Tips for Your Family Meal! This is an idea we have used at our home before. Let the kids hide the eggs around the house or have everyone take an egg out of the basket when they get their food.

2. Easy Decoration! Let your kids hang them from little Easter grass strands by the chandelier or entryway to help with the decorations!

3. Use half a dozen of them to “Tell the Easter Story.” Ellie came home with this from her preschool class idea this week, and was very proud to show them to me, telling me the Holy Week story along the way. (Thanks to her great teachers!) I’m gonna hide them in the prayer garden for our my chapel time with my students next week as we have our “Hallelujah” parade.


1. (Leaf) Jesus entered Jerusalem. 2. (little cup and cracker) Jesus shared the last supper with the disciples. 3. (little flower) Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. 4. (cross) Jesus was killed on the cross. 5. (rock) The tomb was guarded and sealed. 6. (empty egg) The tomb was empty! Jesus is alive!

4. Bath tub fun! Match and mismatch the colors, guess if they have water or air in them by whether they sink or float, search for the ones that have little holes for creating waterfalls, hide soap bubbles or pieces of sponge in them. Ellie enjoyed an “egg” bath just this morning!


I know, she’s dressed in this one! From Easter 2011

5. Eat out of them! Serve lunch or snack in them! In an empty egg carton, and save a couple to pack in lunch boxes with Easter candy next week…. (and let them add them to the play kitchen supplies.)


6. Hands-On Fun! Use them in the sand box, with play-doh, or a tub of beans or rice – all kinds of measuring, tactile, cause-and-effect connections happening, not to mention calming and FUN!

7. Share Love! Write down a dozen things you want to do this spring with your little chickie!

8. Race! Have a spoon and egg race with them! (Around a tree in your yard or just down the hall and back.) Put ice cubes in them to make it a little more exciting!

We did it with real eggs last year at MJ’s “Chicken and Egg” B’day Party!

9. Set the table and share some ART! Let the kids write down names or draw pictures for the Easter dinner guests, fold, and place an egg at each spot on the table. You could even have them cut a picture into 12 puzzle pieces, and have the guests work together to complete the Easter puzzle!

10. Nature Treasures! Go on a nature walk, and see what little nature treasures you can collect that are small enough to put in the eggs. Let your child do a “show and tell” for friends and family. Acorn? Leaf? Seed? Rock? Flower petal? Slug? Frog?

11. Hide a craft or story!  Put in craft supplies to inspire creativity! Or little plastic creatures to inspire some pretend play or story-telling… OR a combination of little items to see what they kind of creation they can make with a friend or a team!


12.  Play a “Tiny Treasure” Game!  Take turns hiding small items in them and try to “guess” them given just one clue! (Great higher level thinking skill!)

OKAY, Let’s make it a “Baker’s Dozen!”

13. Practice Reading!

Learn to read WORD FAMILIES - just twist & sound-it-out !

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