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Birthday Interview #5: Ellie!

That's a Thai iced tea, NOT a bloody Mary!

That’s a Thai iced tea, NOT a bloody Mary!

Ellie and I recently rode our bikes to Tukta Thai for dinner together. I “interviewed” Ellie about turning 5. I also got a few answers at one of our “Mommy and Me” morning dates to White Rock Coffee. Here are some of her answers:

  • Favorite thing to do with Brother: play legos and Minecrarft
  • Favorite thing to do with Daddy: ride bikes!
  • Favorite thing to do with Mommy: play baby (but you also like to play school, and I think you’d make a great teacher someday)
  • Your favorite food: mac n’ cheese
  • Fave restaurant: Subway??? (not sure where that came from)
  • Favorite book: The “Sisters 8” series that Daddy is reading to you (I’m also enjoying reading “Little House on the Prairie” books to you)
  • Fave toy: your new rainbow loom!
  • Fave movie: duh – Frozen! (You’ve seen it 4 times in the theatre, and a couple of times on video now, plus you and Mommy and your little friend Kate have really enjoyed rocking out to the CD in the car!)
  • Fave Show: Wonderpets
  • Fave Song: this silly “Russian song” that Daddy put on a CD for you – you and Brother have somehow learned the words, though we don’t know what they mean, and you like to do “shows” while you sing it (which really means jumping and dancing on your bed together).
  • Fave trip we’ve taken this year: to the cabin in Beaver’s Bend
  • Some of my fave things from this year with you: our trips to the gym together, our trips to the Arboretum together, out snuggle time and pillow talk in the evenings, you falling asleep on the couch while Daddy or me read to you, watching you play in the fort, seeing you in the halls at school!
  • Fave thing to do at school: EVERYTHING! You have had such a wonderful year in a wonderful class with awesome friends and teachers, and we will miss CCDC so much! But I know you’re gonna be great in Kindergarten at LHE!
  • When I asked you what you are most proud of that you have learned this year, you said riding a bike without training wheels! You have done SO well with that. (Perhaps you are little too fast and fearless for Mommy.) It has been so much fun to ride with you! But there is SO much you have learned to do this year: you are finally sleeping in your own bed again at night, you can take showers by yourself now. I am also so proud that you have learned to read and write so well! AND that you have (mostly) left your tantrum days behind….praise God!