abcabcabc Celebrating Summer! Celebrating Childhood! — Mommy Manders

Celebrating Summer! Celebrating Childhood!

Camp is FUN for everyone, doo-dah, doo-dah, 

Celebrate the summer sun, oh-doo-dah-day

Summer songs to sing, summer games to play, 

Camp is FUN for everyone, oh-doo-dah-day, HEY!

Recently I had the pleasure celebrating the beginning of SUMMER with 19 fabulous young kiddos (and 2 great helpers) at my “Celebrate Summer” Camp! A great time was had by all! 1 “Mommy Manders” camp down, 4 to go, several spots still open in my “Good Deeds” Camp (June 13-16th, 9-1), and “DOT” Creative Arts Campish (June 23-26th, 9-1)….let me know if you’re interested ASAP. I think what kids love so much about these camps is just the chance to fully BE themselves, BE kids, and truly celebrate childhood. The logo for our camp shirts is “PLAY, LAUGH, SING, IMAGINE, CREATE, GROW!” And that’s what we do together each minute of each day. And I get to celebrate my inner child, as well!

 Celebrating Nature, Trees, and BIRDS

Bird hunts, nature walks, painting birdhouses, bird nest snacks, dancing to Japanese bird songs, playing “1, 2, 3, Touch another Tree”, and lots more!



Celebrating Caterpillars and Butterflies

Adding Sound effects to “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, enjoying a life cycle snack, making tissue paper butterflies, fluttering through the yard, and more!

Celebrating FROGS and Jumping!

Green hair, frog races, jump ropes, hopscotch, froggie snacks, lillypad math, splashing, and more!

Celebrating Picnics, Ants, Bugs, and Lemonade Stands!

Finding Roly Polies, studying bugs at the science table, counting ants on a log, an “Ants Go Marching” parade, and a lemonade stand for a good cause, “Little Stewpot Stewards”: Helping the Homeless in Dallas beat the heat!

Celebrating Dance, Music, and PLAY!


Celebrating BOOKS!


Celebrating Friends!