abcabcabc “Loving-Kindness” Meditation for you and your children… — Mommy Manders

“Loving-Kindness” Meditation for you and your children…

NorthPark Presbyterian Church (where I am the Director of Children and Families) has been doing a blog series on other religions, and I wrote about this Buddhist Blessing that I learned in yoga. It is a wonderful meditation, and like any good ritual in spiritual practice, can really help reframe any reality in a divine way. It’s simple words can be a way of living and being and interacting with the world. Its simplicity lends itself not only to memorization for your own practice, but for your children as well. You could use it as a table blessing or bedtime prayer. You could use it when you open the blinds to greet the morning with your baby. Teaching our children to wish others builds the crucial skill of compassion which I call, “thinking outside yourself.” Let me know what you think, and Namaste!

“Loving-Kindness” Meditation

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