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Top 10 Benefits to “Free Range” Parenting!

Or as my husband Dustin points out, what used to just be called….”parenting“. (This is part of series on my blog, learn ALL about “Free Range Parenting”.)

So, I only caught a little of this year’s Super Bowl game. My family had fun going to a neighborhood sports bar (yes, with the kids), and I caught a few of the good commercials while Dustin taught the kids to play pool. I was in tears several times because of the “sappy” ones…like the one from P&G that featured videos of Paralympic athletes doing amazing things, over which you hear their voices giving gratitude to their mothers. ““The World’s Toughest Moms raise the World’s Toughest Kids”. Surely it will inspire you!11174675_890271427703962_3100242338338442973_o

“Free Range” Parents believe in “World-Proofing” their Kids instead of “Kid-Proofing” the World! That means letting them fall, letting them fail, letting them suffer small natural consequences before the stakes get too high and they are unprepared for making wise choices. In an interview with David Brooks, author of “The Road to Character”, he was asked how our first lady was raised to be so successful from humble middle class parents? His answer was, “by letting her fail and giving her independence, and the ability to question authority.”

Top 10 Benefits to Going “Free Range”

  1. Develops independence and self-esteem in children, and these qualities are more important to success than IQ and test scores.
  2. Kids who are given more freedom are safer because they carry themselves with more confidence.
  3. Develops a bigger “Village” for your family. Do YOU know your neighbors?
  4. Provides more freedom and flexibility for stressed out parents. (So much less exhausting than constant “helicopter” parenting!)
  5. Avoids the unintended negative consequences of a lifetime of overprotection and “Safety” choices by parents and society that prevent children from doing things on their own: childhood obesity, diabetes, Vit D deficiency, depression, “nature deficiency disorder”, college breakdowns, etc.
  6. Gives children more FREE PLAY, which research shows is the most important child development booster of all! (If it were a “class”, there would be a waiting list to get in 😉
  7. Helps parents embrace being “Good Enough” parents, letting go of the impossible ideal of “perfect parenting”.
  8. Teaches children to TRUST others and to think the best about people.
  9. Teaches children to TRUST their instincts.
  10. Your child will appreciate the TRUST you place in them, and will become even more responsible as a result.
While in Taos on vacation, we let MJ do a little nature hiking on his own, not too far...

While in Taos on vacation, we let MJ do a little nature hiking on his own, not too far…

 “You could have protected me. you could have taken every hit. You could have turned the world updside-down so that I would never feel any pain. But you didn’t. You gave me my freedom because you were strong. And now so am  I …The world’s toughest moms raise the world’s toughest kids.”