What kind of “SMARTS” are YOUR kids? Margaritas and Multiple Intelligences

Join “Mommy Manders” and other Moms for“Margaritas and Multiple Intelligences”

  • What are the 8 kinds of intelligence common in all humans?
  • How does understanding these help us to appreciate our children’s strengths, diversity among family members and classmates?
  • How can we teach our children about these in a way that will give them more confidence, more motivation to “exercise” these intelligences, and to understand them in others?
  • What kind of “intelligence” do we use in our own unique parenting styles in good and bad ways?

Come sip a margarita, enjoy some yummy food and fellowship, and I’ll provide you some “food for thought” based on neuroscientist/ psychologist Howard Gardner’s fascinating theory to help you become an even better “Parent with PURPOSE”! Invite a friend.

Monday, Sept. 21st, 7:30pm, El Fenix, 9090 Skillman Rd., More info