Counting Our Blessings and Thanksgiving Songs

  This November, as we have been counting our blessings at home and at school, it has been such a blessing for me to help the children in my life to focus on an "attitude of gratitude." And a great reminder for me, as well. We have enjoyed adding leaves of thanks to our "Blessing Tree" recently. My favorite is the one that Ellie wrote that says "Mommy". But other leaves read "bars" (teddy bears), "Lololoopsy" (Lalaloopsy, if you know what that is...), teve (TV), books (YES!), friends, school, acorns, home, grandparents, Uncle Jake and Aunt "Saru", cousins, health, food, and … [Continue reading]

10 Fun Fall Family Rituals!

  “Loving, healthy RITUALS foster the development of loving, emotionally healthy children.... RITUALS are the GLUE that holds the MOSAIC OF LOVE together.” (Becky Bailey) Happy Fall, everyone! This is my favorite season for the crisp, cool days (still waiting) that refresh my spirit, the chance to be outside in nature again (now that the temperature in Dallas has dropped below 100%), the festive holidays, the sense of new beginnings and new opportunities with back-to-school and new classes, and there's just something about it that inspires me to create meaningful traditions and … [Continue reading]

Encourage an “Attitude of Gratitude” this Thanksgiving!

Here are some ideas I shared with you last year. More Thanksgiving songs, rhymes, books, and more to come! Enjoy, and pass along... Thanksgiving is such a great time to SLOW down and enjoy some time re-connecting with your kids and family. Here are few ideas from my family to yours: Encouraging an Attitude of Gratitude 1. "What Are You Thankful For?" I'll never forget my first fall teaching music to young children years ago. I led some little ones in a this simple song: "What are you thankful for? What are you thankful for? I'm thankful for _________, that's what I'm thankful for." We … [Continue reading]

MY Top 10 Signing Stories! Come “Sign and Sing” with Me on Saturday!

MJ signing "wind" as he's feeling it, at the Arboretum, March 2008 "Sign and Sing Your Day!" Saturday morning, Nov. 1st, 9-11am, NorthPark Presbyterian Church reserve your childcare spot, 9:00-9:30 "Family sign and sing" session 9:30 Parent Ed hour/ Kids play in childcare 10:30 Family "practice" session more "wind" at The Lakes, April 2008 My Top 10 Signing Stories: When MJ was a tot, I heard him grunting from the living room while I was working in the kitchen. He was standing in the basket of instruments singing “out”, and I realized he was … [Continue reading]

Let Your Light Shine!

What I know for sure: Every child, every person is born with an inner light, a unique God-given spark of love and energy for the world. And all children deserve a chance to use their lights! Recently, I had a chance to lead and celebrate Children's Sabbath with the children and congregation of NorthPark Presbyterian Church. It was a wonderful opportunity to let the children of the church shine for us, and shine they did! Children's Sabbath was established 23 years ago by the Children's Defense Fund and Marian Wright Edelman who said "If we don't stand up for children, then we don't stand for … [Continue reading]

Waiting for Water…”Paper for Water”: Let these Little Girls Inspire You to Make a Difference!

with fabulous little sister Trinity!

"We are small but MIGHTY!" Looking for a way to help fight Ebola in the world? Support the building of wells around the world with "Paper for … [Continue reading]

FREE “Signing and Singing” Family Workshop: Nov. 1st! Top 10 Reasons to Sign with Your Kids

ALL are INVITED! Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Caregivers... Saturday, Nov. 1st, 9-11am NorthPark Presbyterian Church, 9555 N.Central … [Continue reading]

Summer Memories: TAOS Time…


"We must hurry! We have so much time and so little to do!" (Willy Wonka to Charlie in The Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl...we enjoyed listening to this … [Continue reading]

Baby Sign: My Top 10 Signing Stories, FREE Inspiration and Resources for YOU!

MJ signing "wind" as he's feeling it, at the Arboretum, March 2008 more "wind" at The Lakes, April 2008 "up" with the Easter egg...   signing … [Continue reading]

MO’ Freedom, Less Mommy!


(This weekend, we are headed with my parents down to the hill country of Texas to our home away from home, Mo-Ranch. Every summer families from our … [Continue reading]