Our State Fair is a GREAT State Fair!

"Our State Fair is a GREAT state fair! Don't miss it, don't even be late. It's dollars to doughnuts at our state fair, cuz' at our state fair it's the greatest fair in the state!" (MUST SEE: this video of my kids singing from 2 years ago on the way to the fair, Video of kids singing "Our State Fair" song. At that point in time, I had no idea that the backseat bickering would get even worse! And it's not nearly as cute now...) Doctor Dustin had one of his two weeks of vacation last week, so we crammed a LOT of fall family fun into  7 days! Friday was our "Fall Family Fair Day", our first … [Continue reading]

10 Fun Fall Family Rituals!

  “Loving, healthy RITUALS foster the development of loving, emotionally healthy children.... RITUALS are the GLUE that holds the MOSAIC OF LOVE together.” (Becky Bailey) Happy Fall, everyone! This is my favorite season for the crisp, cool days (still waiting) that refresh my spirit, the chance to be outside in nature again (now that the temperature in Dallas has dropped below 100%), the festive holidays, the sense of new beginnings and new opportunities with back-to-school and new classes, and there's just something about it that inspires me to create meaningful traditions and … [Continue reading]

10 Ways to Say Goodbye to your Children at Drop-Off

Now that you're back into the swing of things this September, I bet your morning routine could use a little something new or special to communicate those 2 most important messages to your kiddos: "I'm here" and "I love you." Have a little fun, and find out which connection ritual they like the best! Try these 10 ways of saying "goodbye" to your child at childcare or school: 1. with a "Kissing Hand" 2. Put a "Circle of Love" around them, reminding them that your love and God's love for them are never-ending, and that you will be thinking of them throughout the day. 3. Use a line … [Continue reading]

Back to School Blessings and Songs

CONNECTING BEFORE SCHOOL What are your rituals for getting the kids to school or childcare? Is it all chaos and confusion? Yelling and pleading? We've ALL been there, and the challenges change with every stage and every child. But somehow those with us with kids tend to be worn out by 9:01, or whatever your "drop-off" time might be. As a teacher, I do a pretty good job hiding it on my face, but some parents at my pre-school last year witnessed some pretty big Ellie tantrums on the bench right outside the entrance! One key phrase to remember for the morning rush: "Connect before you … [Continue reading]

Back to School: Re-Connecting Rituals

{This morning I saw mommies and kids walking past our big bay window walking, scooting, riding to the first day back at school at Lake Highlands Elementary. What an exciting time! I was feeling quite relieved to still be in my bath-robe at 7:45, my kids snuggled in my bed playing with my computer, NOT facing that Kindergarten milestone and life change quite yet. My kids and I have another week to hang out before getting back into the routine of school. We really need it, too. Time to hang out and play and be together since we've been so busy lately. BUT chances are that someone in YOUR family … [Continue reading]

Summer Memories: TAOS Time…


"We must hurry! We have so much time and so little to do!" (Willy Wonka to Charlie in The Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl...we enjoyed listening to this … [Continue reading]

Baby Sign: My Top 10 Signing Stories, FREE Inspiration and Resources for YOU!

MJ signing "wind" as he's feeling it, at the Arboretum, March 2008 more "wind" at The Lakes, April 2008 "up" with the Easter egg...   signing … [Continue reading]

MO’ Freedom, Less Mommy!


(This weekend, we are headed with my parents down to the hill country of Texas to our home away from home, Mo-Ranch. Every summer families from our … [Continue reading]

Homesick and Happy: Top 10 Benefits of Summer Camp for Kids

2014-07-13 20.46.11

Bedtime at Camp by Amy L (This picture and poem were found on a lovely poetry website, "The Poem Farm",  by my new friend … [Continue reading]

This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land…


And now for the perspective part of my blog motto: "Parenting with PURPOSE and PERSPECTIVE" .... My "worries" of late: Gus, our visiting guinea … [Continue reading]

Let Your Light Shine: 100 Acts of KINDNESS!


This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine! I believe that every child is born with their own inner light, and it is our responsibility and … [Continue reading]

Celebrating Summer! Celebrating Childhood!

Camp is FUN for everyone, doo-dah, doo-dah,  Celebrate the summer sun, oh-doo-dah-day Summer songs to sing, summer games to play,  Camp is FUN … [Continue reading]