Announcing: “Mommy Manders” Summer Camps 2015!

  Celebrate Summer!* Tues-Thurs, May 26 - 28 9:00-1:00, Ages 3-6, $150 NorthPark Presbyterian Church Specifically geared towards the pre-schoolers who get out of school before the bigger kids, we will enjoy some of summer's greatest childhood pleasures together - celebrating nature, a picnic, camp crafts, a lemonade stand, classic  indoor and outdoor games (no batteries included), and … [Continue reading]

12 Great Easter Egg Ideas for Making Brain and Family Connections!

Happy Easter from my Family to yours! Bombarded with little plastic Easter eggs everywhere you turn? Here are a Dozen great uses for them! 1. Conversation Starters! Put in Easter Egg Questions: 12 Talking Tips for Your Family Meal! This is an idea we have used at our home before. Let the kids hide the eggs around the house or have everyone take an egg out of the basket when they get their … [Continue reading]

“Celebrate Spring!” A To-Do List for Busy Families

 “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” Margaret Atwood Overwhelmed and exhausted with birthday parties, soccer games, egg hunts, spring music and ballet recitals, and school fundraisers? April and May can be a BUSY time of year! But have you just stopped to play outside? To notice the new bright green leaves on trees, to fly a kite in the breeze, to see the … [Continue reading]

Easter Egg Questions: A Dozen Talking Tips for your Family Meal

When I was going through the old plastic eggs today, putting little candies and stickers in, I found something from a couple of Easters back - little scribbled notes that reminded me or a great idea! For many years in our family, we had a tradition of sharing Easter lunch with some dear family friends from our church that I grew up with. Life has gotten a little too complicated, and we are … [Continue reading]

Connect with your Family at EASTER: A Spring BUNNY poem!

I had a blast doing these fun rhymes with my students at school this week! From babies through 5-year-olds, they each exeperience them at their own level, and get something different out of them. They loved meeting my sweet, soft bunny puppet, nuzzling him, giving him hugs and kisses and pats. The little ones practiced holding up 2 fingers, the older ones shared info about who the predators might … [Continue reading]

Celebrate Spring! 10 Fun Ideas for your Family

  (This is the first post in my "Celebrate Spring" blog series. I'll be sharing great ideas with … [Continue reading]

Family “Noticing Nature” Walk for you!

Did you know that the First Lady has declared June "National Go Outside" month? In an effort for … [Continue reading]

GOING OUTSIDE: Try It this Spring!

  Though Tuesday was the official first day of spring (and a very rainy one here in Dallas), … [Continue reading]

“Loving-Kindness” Meditation for you and your children…

NorthPark Presbyterian Church (where I am the Director of Children and Families) has been doing a … [Continue reading]

Let’s Talk about SEX, Baby?

Well, it happened without any fanfare or drama. It happened in the matter of a couple of minutes, … [Continue reading]

Ice Day Fun: Stuck inside with the kiddos?

Click on these 10 great "Mommy Manders" indoor fun ideas for connecting with your kids. Be safe, and … [Continue reading]

How Long, O Lord, How Long?

Here is a piece I wrote for our church "Advent" blog, NorthPark Presbyterian church Blog: Advent … [Continue reading]

Christmas Mini-Camp for Mini-Campers, 2014!


More After-Christmas SPIRIT and MAGIC for your little Elves! Monday, Tuesday & … [Continue reading]