Mommy Manders Summer Camps! 2014: PLAY, LAUGH, SING, READ, LISTEN, HUG, IMAGINE!

 5 Camps, 5 Themes, Lots of Fun! All camps are held at my home in Lake Highlands. 9-1, 4 days, $200. Includes 1 lunch, daily snacks, take-home ideas, soundtracks, and more! Contact me if you are interested or want to register your child. 1. ALL NEW! "Celebrate SUMMER!" Camp May 27th - May 30th, Ages 3-6 Specifically geared towards the pre-schoolers who get out of school before the bigger kids, we will enjoy some of summer's greatest childhood pleasures together - running in sprinklers, nature walks, a picnic, camp crafts, a lemonade stand, classic outdoor games, classic … [Continue reading]

Celebrate Spring! 10 Fun Ideas for your Family

  (This is the first post in my "Celebrate Spring" blog series. I'll be sharing great ideas with you for building brain and family connections this season...stay tuned for more!) In case you didn't know, yesterday was the FIRST day of Spring. "In Our Family", our ritual is to play barefoot in the grass on the vernal equinox! We invited others to be a part of this tradition yesterday with a Mommy Manders "Play-date with PURPOSE" at The Village. We gathered in the big open green field to walk, jump, march, spin, and lie down in the new green grass. We played with the parachute, tossed balls … [Continue reading]

My Mission and Favorite CONNECTION posts

My mission in all my work - writing, teaching, parenting, speaking at seminars - is to help children and families to build and strengthen brain and family connections. The good news is that this is SIMPLE when you are intentional  enough to SLOW down and make a meaningful moment. Our main job as caregivers and nurturers of young children is to help build the "bagel" part of their brain (that is the limbic system) which processes all of the emotions. This part is "wiring up" from age birth through 5, and if a strong foundation is laid in that time, then we've paved the way for our children … [Continue reading]

Happy “Earth Day” to You, Happy “Earth Day” to You…

...Happy Earth Day, Mother Earth, We'll take care of you! "... IDEAS FOR FAMILIES AND TEACHERS! Today with my students I sang the ""Mr. Rogers" birthday song with "Earth Day", but you could do it with the regular one, too. Then talk about different ways to take care of the earth "not just today, but every day", as the Mr. Rogers song goes. I also read sang the beautiful story-song book, "What a Wonderful World". (Read more about how to teach/ incorporate this with your own children/ class: "What a Wonderful World in Song and Story".) How are YOU celebrating Earth Day with your … [Continue reading]

12 Great Easter Egg Ideas for Making Brain and Family Connections!

Happy Easter from my Family to yours! Bombarded with little plastic Easter eggs everywhere you turn? Here are a Dozen great uses for them! 1. Conversation Starters! Put in Easter Egg Questions: 12 Talking Tips for Your Family Meal! This is an idea we have used at our home before. Let the kids hide the eggs around the house or have everyone take an egg out of the basket when they get their food. 2. Easy Decoration! Let your kids hang them from little Easter grass strands by the chandelier or entryway to help with the decorations! 3. Use half a dozen of them to "Tell the Easter Story." … [Continue reading]

Remembering Martin: “No More Hurting People. PEACE!”

It has been one year since the horrific incident at the Boston Marathon. I'm re-posting this in memory of Martin Richards, and in an effort to spread his message of peace. Watch this video to learn more about the Foundation his family has set up in his memory, and how his brave sister, mother, and father are recovering from their own injuries, as well. I promised you will be inspired to overcome any obstacles in your own life, and to "pay it forward", just as this family is doing. The foundation they have set up is “to honor Martin’s message of ‘No more hurting people – peace’ by … [Continue reading]

What Will You do TODAY with Your Child?


"If that's what joy is - connection - then to fully experience it requires something terrifying as well as exalting: opening oneself up to the … [Continue reading]

“Celebrate Spring!” A To-Do List for Busy Families


 “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” Margaret Atwood Overwhelmed and exhausted with birthday parties, soccer … [Continue reading]

What I Wish for ALL Our Children, Even Alex Hribal

A mother-teacher's perspective... In the wake of yet another violent school incident (thankfully without a gun this time), I find myself thinking … [Continue reading]