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My mission in all my work – writing, teaching, parenting, speaking at seminars – is to help children and families to build and strengthen brain and family connections. The good news is that this is SIMPLE when you are intentional  enough to SLOW down and make a meaningful moment. Our main job as caregivers and nurturers of young children is to help build the “bagel” part of their brain (that is the limbic system) which processes all of the emotions. This part is “wiring up” from age birth through 5, and if a strong foundation is laid in that time, then we’ve paved the way for our children and their brains to have a healthy, successful future. This doesn’t mean flashcards or Baby Einstein. It means ““PLAY, LAUGH, SING, READ, LISTEN, HUG!” It means communicate the two most important messages that you can as a parent to your child: “I’m here.” and “I love you.” Communicate them through touch and play, through eye contact, through authentic presence. These moments literally build bonds and brain connections. (And they are pretty nice for us parents, too.)

Here are some of my favorite posts on making brain and family connections – ENJOY!