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My Philosophy

On life… There’s a simple child’s song that always rings through my head like a broken record, but I think it sums up what life’s all about: “It’s about love, love, love. It’s about love, love, love.”  I like to say that I’m “Just tryin’ to put LOVE into the universe!” I’m trying to live in a way that reaches beyond myself, and offer this gift to whoever I can so it will spread, and in doing so,  I believe I will get some back in return. I also believe that I only get one life to make a difference and to enjoy, so I strive to live out one of my favorite quotes; “BE where you are“, though it’s definitely  a challenge sometimes.

On parenting… My parenting philosophy is basically to love and protect (wait, isn’t that the police force? No, theirs is serve and protect, but I do a heck-of-a-lot of that, too!…I guess sometimes I do feel like a law enforcement agent around here: “SLOW down before someone gets hurt!”…”You are in time out because you hit Mommy. That is unacceptable behavior.”…”You lost that privilege because you did not follow the rules.” But I digress…)

Beyond loving and protecting, feeding and watering so that (God willing) they reach adulthood in one piece, I believe parenthood can be a higher calling. I believe all children are born with their own inner light, and I sensed it the moment newborn Michael James was placed in my arms. Here was this being, this little person with innate characteristics, with natural gifts yet to be discovered. In the lullaby I wrote for him, I sing “More beautiful than moonlight shining on that April night, You were born into our arms, into our lives bringing your light.” And what an amazing honor to watch this light, this presence and personality emerge, shaped by my own responses and interactions. My greater purpose as a parent is to help my children to discover their inner lights, to give them enough love and security in our little world to let those little lights shine for the bigger world as they grow! I want them to give more than they take, to love not hate, to create not destroy, and this will be my legacy of love, my mark on the world…my children.