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“Celebrate Seuss” Story-time Tuesday!

My “Not Infrequently Odious Children” and their proud “Good Enough” Mommy!

How to Raise a READER: 6 Tips for Reading with your Kids

Monday is “READ Across America Day!”  good excuse to remind ourselves of the importance of reading with our children… Read with your kids every day to MAKE a Reader! Write these 6 simple steps on a bookmark to remind you how to get the most out of your reading time together when you pick up a […]

Ideas for Read Across AMERICA Day: March 3rd!

READ EVERY DAY!  Well, March 3rd is also my birthday, and 1 day after Dr. Seuss’s 113th birthday! (I’m turning 77 years younger!) If you’re a parent or a teacher, find at least one FUN Way to celebrate. I’ve listed “10 Ways to Celebrate Seuss” for you and your class or family at home to […]

The Parenting Paradox: All Joy, No Fun!

I had just dropped off MJ at school on a Friday morning, barely making it before the 8:00 tardy bell, heart rate and blood pressure still up from the stress of the morning routine…the screaming 4-year-old in the tub who refused to take a bath (because there was a speck of dirt in the water […]

“What a Wonderful WORLD!” In Song and Story….

Valentine Songs and Books for Kids

Happy Valentine’s Week! Even if you have don’t have a “sweetheart” valentine or if the newness of sharing that first Valentine’s Day together has worn off 10 or so years later, sharing all the fun festivities with your young children makes it pretty exciting and fun! You can make it extra-special for them by adding […]

5 Ways to Make it a Happy Parenting New Year!

This morning, I was busy sending my kiddos out the door with the babysitter for an adventure at the Fair Park Aquarium to increase my own happiness by getting to check some things off my to-do list today before going back to work next week. As I packed their lunch and sipped cold coffee in […]

The Doula

  This novel has it all: courtroom drama, romance, heartbreak, self-discovery, universal truth, suspense, true friendship. It could be a study on family dynamics, or the path to healing after suffering loss, or the power of instinct, or the journey of pregnancy and childbirth, or mother-daughter relationships, or coming of age, or, or, or….And it […]

Water Play