Great Summer Books for Kids!

Happy Summer! The official season began today. And I’m celebrating by passing on a great list of summer books for your family! The other morning, we walked around the corner to “pick up” an older neighbor-girl (8) to come play. She was sitting in her bay window reading a book on a lazy, quiet summer […]

“Daddy and Me” books for Father’s Day

Need a last-minute gift idea? Start a new tradition of giving a sharing book to Dad each year to add to the collection. Or make it a whole  bag or basket full of books for your child to read especially with Daddy! Give this meaningful gift, an intentional gift, that will foster more special moments […]

Remembering Maurice Sendak

Perhaps you heard that author Maurice Sendak died this morning at age 83. Though I have not been reader or fan, it is always sad when a person beloved by so many children leaves this earth, a person who loved and served children. But he did leave behind his art. I must admit that so […]

Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! (Or have a cookie)

Sometimes in the morning we listen to Raffi or Dr. Seuss stories in the kitchen while the kids are at the table and Mommy’s making lunches/ drinking coffee/ eating breakfast/ getting refills/ wiping sticky fingers. But usually, I treat myself and listen to NPR to feel connected to world outside my kitchen and carpool and […]

Seuss Strategies:Tips for reading Dr. Seuss with kids

  {My other Seuss posts: 10 Ways to Celebrate Seuss, Life Lessons from Dr. Seuss} By now you know we are big Seuss fans in the Manders family! I can remember Daddy Dustin reading “Hop on Pop” to MJ when he was just a little baby.  It became such a special, silly way for them to bond […]

Life Lessons from Dr.Seuss

In our family, we LOVE Dr. Seuss! We grew up reading his books, and we have been reading the wonderful rhymes, catchy metered phrases and and rich, creative imagery to our children since we brought them home as newborns. We started with “Hop on Pop”, “One Fish, Two Fish” and “Dr. Seuss’ ABC”. We have […]

10 Ways to Celebrate Seuss!

NurtureShock Lessons: Teenage Brains: Unlocking the Code!

{This post is the 8th in a series on the book NurtureShock: New Thinking about Children by Bronson/ Merryman, NurtureShock series posts.} My kids with one of our favorite teen and pre-teen friends, Katelyn and Kyle.  “Mommy, what is a teenager?” Michael James and I had a conversation about this in the car the other day. (One of […]

Lessons from NurtureShock: The Science of Siblings

{This post is the 7th in a series on the book “NurtureShock: New Thinking about Children” by Bronson/ Merriman, All posts in the series.} The moment that Michael James (2) came to the hospital to meet his new little sister Ellie was perhaps the most meaningful moment of my life: the most love-filled, the most […]