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MY Top 10 Signing Stories! Come “Sign and Sing” with Me on Saturday!

MJ signing “wind” as he’s feeling it, at the Arboretum, March 2008 “Sign and Sing Your Day!” Saturday morning, Nov. 1st, 9-11am, NorthPark Presbyterian Church reserve your childcare spot, 9:00-9:30 “Family sign and sing” session 9:30 Parent Ed hour/ Kids play in childcare 10:30 Family “practice” session more “wind” at The Lakes, April 2008 My […]

Baby Sign: My Top 10 Signing Stories, FREE Inspiration and Resources for YOU!

MJ signing “wind” as he’s feeling it, at the Arboretum, March 2008 more “wind” at The Lakes, April 2008 “up” with the Easter egg…   signing “dirty” while he plays in the dirt! signing “bubbles” while he’s playing with them signing “cook” while he helps Daddy in the kitchen signing “water” signing “cracker” signing “eat” […]

12 Great Easter Egg Ideas for Making Brain and Family Connections!

Happy Easter from my Family to yours! Bombarded with little plastic Easter eggs everywhere you turn? Here are a Dozen great uses for them! 1. Conversation Starters! Put in Easter Egg Questions: 12 Talking Tips for Your Family Meal! This is an idea we have used at our home before. Let the kids hide the […]

Super-Star Values? Teach your kids how to be REAL Super-stars!

100 Ways to LOVE your Child! Simple ways to Put Meaningful, Loving Moments Into Your Busy Parenting Day…

My Top 10 Brain-Building TOYS for Christmas

It’s a cold, rainy day in Dallas….guessing some of you might be getting started on your online holiday shopping….Yesterday, I overheard some moms asking each other with deep sighs of dread if they had yet begun their holiday shopping. We all agreed that it was definitely the season for avoiding the malls! As you begin […]

Someone else’s cancer doesn’t open your jar of salsa… and other life lessons from Facebook.

  I was late to Facebook. My friend Shelly finally convinced me to join the cyber-social circle of “cool kids” for the sake of my business. I have posted on occasion, but continued to judge others (not YOU, of course) for living virtually by checking their friends’ status updates (I’m at the store buying green […]

Back to School Blessings and Songs

CONNECTING BEFORE SCHOOL What are your rituals for getting the kids to school or childcare? Is it all chaos and confusion? Yelling and pleading? We’ve ALL been there, and the challenges change with every stage and every child. But somehow those with us with kids tend to be worn out by 9:01, or whatever your “drop-off” […]

“What a Wonderful WORLD!” In Song and Story….

Baby Sign: Top 10 Reasons to Sign with your young child

You have heard me say that my mission in all my work (teaching, writing, blogging, seminars, outreach) is helping to build and strengthen brain and family connections for the health and well-being of children and parents. One of the many child developmental tenets I feel passionately about for this very reason is “baby sign” (though […]