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What kind of “SMARTS” are YOUR kids? Margaritas and Multiple Intelligences

Join “Mommy Manders” and other Moms for“Margaritas and Multiple Intelligences” What are the 8 kinds of intelligence common in all humans? How does understanding these help us to appreciate our children’s strengths, diversity among family members and classmates? How can we teach our children about these in a way that will give them more confidence, […]

MY Top 10 Signing Stories! Come “Sign and Sing” with Me on Saturday!

MJ signing “wind” as he’s feeling it, at the Arboretum, March 2008 “Sign and Sing Your Day!” Saturday morning, Nov. 1st, 9-11am, NorthPark Presbyterian Church reserve your childcare spot, 9:00-9:30 “Family sign and sing” session 9:30 Parent Ed hour/ Kids play in childcare 10:30 Family “practice” session more “wind” at The Lakes, April 2008 My […]

Baby Sign: My Top 10 Signing Stories, FREE Inspiration and Resources for YOU!

MJ signing “wind” as he’s feeling it, at the Arboretum, March 2008 more “wind” at The Lakes, April 2008 “up” with the Easter egg…   signing “dirty” while he plays in the dirt! signing “bubbles” while he’s playing with them signing “cook” while he helps Daddy in the kitchen signing “water” signing “cracker” signing “eat” […]

MO’ Freedom, Less Mommy!

(This weekend, we are headed with my parents down to the hill country of Texas to our home away from home, Mo-Ranch. Every summer families from our church, First Presbyterian Dallas, gather to relax and play there on retreat, and I’ve gone every year of my life except when I was on my honeymoon! Here is […]

My “Not Infrequently Odious Children” and their proud “Good Enough” Mommy!

Super-Star Values? Teach your kids how to be REAL Super-stars!

Ideas for Read Across AMERICA Day: March 3rd!

READ EVERY DAY!  Well, March 3rd is also my birthday, and 1 day after Dr. Seuss’s 113th birthday! (I’m turning 77 years younger!) If you’re a parent or a teacher, find at least one FUN Way to celebrate. I’ve listed “10 Ways to Celebrate Seuss” for you and your class or family at home to […]

Sprinkle a Little Gratitude Into Your Attitude….And Other Tips for a Stress-Free Year

 “The pursuit of compassion has made me happier than the pursuit of happiness.” Dr. Amit Sood This week I got to enjoy some one-on-one time with my little Ellie (4) who was sick with a fever and runny nose. No parent likes for their little one to be sick, but it doesn’t mean we can’t […]

10 Things to Look For in a Pre-School: Advice from a Mother-Educator

Amazing New Discovery: The Secret of Happy Parenting! In the Midst of All the Merry…

Well, I guess I finally figured it out – again. What I’ve been seeking and finding and forgetting over and over again for years, the very “Secret of Happy Parenting” itself….. (drumroll, please)……an EARLY BEDTIME!!!! If we’ve heard it once we’ve heard it a thousand times as parents*: Kids need their sleep!  Duh, Duh, Duh….happier, […]