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MLK Day: A Family Conversation…

Perhaps you have made plans to see a movie on your day off with the children, or to go shopping at the mall. Or perhaps your kids will be with a sitter while you’re at work – I know, not all of us get this national holiday off! May I humbly suggest that whatever your […]

STOP: Daddy Time!

Dustin works ALL the time, 6-7 days a week, often 12-16 hour days. He is on call every other week which means he might get a total of 4 hours of sleep every couple of nights. It means we sometimes go for days without seeing or talking to him. When he has a day off, […]

10 Fun Fall Family Rituals!

  “Loving, healthy RITUALS foster the development of loving, emotionally healthy children…. RITUALS are the GLUE that holds the MOSAIC OF LOVE together.” (Becky Bailey) Happy Fall, everyone! This is my favorite season for the crisp, cool days (still waiting) that refresh my spirit, the chance to be outside in nature again (now that the temperature in […]

Good Things and “God” Things

Last week in chapel at my pre-school, CCDC (Christian Childhood Development Center) where I am the music/ chapel teacher for all the precious kiddos, we discussed how God is EVERYWHERE, even in our hearts. And how it doesn’t have to be a special day like Christmas or Easter or a birthday to celebrate God’s love, but we […]

Eating Out with the Kids? Our Top 10 Favorite Family-Friendly Spots

I’m continuing on my mission to welcome my brother Jake and his family back to Dallas after 10 years away in Chicago. Towards that end, Here are 10 (plus a few new ones) of our favorite “family” restaurants in Dallas… Please post a comment to share your own family’s favorite spots! Our kids ask for […]

More Dallas FAVORITES: Yoga, Yogurt, and Yocals!

You may have heard me shouting from the roof tops “WELCOME TO DALLAS!!!” to my brother Jake, his wife Sarah, and their cutie-pie baby girl, Poppy! They just moved here from Chicago, and I’m thrilled to share this great city with them…Read my post “SO much to do!” with lots of great family fun outings […]