abcabcabc Great Ideas: Mine and Yours — Mommy Manders

Waiting for Water…”Paper for Water”: Let these Little Girls Inspire You to Make a Difference!

Dandelions and Days OFF: Tokens of JOY from Parenting and Life

If you read my blog, you know that I have my share of “no fun” moments with my kids, even a few BIG tantrums, though I don’t have a toddler anymore! Sigh. You know that I have long weekends and days without “Daddy” sightings or hubby-help. (Not because this is what Doc Dustin chooses for […]

Happy 36th Birthday: A Letter to Myself…

Well, I’m waking up to the coldest birthday I can remember! 25% and school is closed (again) here in Dallas due to ice and sleet on the roads….but my kids spent the night at my parents’ house last night, so “ahhhhhh“, I have a quiet morning to my older birthday self! A nice gift, for […]

Super-Star Values? Teach your kids how to be REAL Super-stars!

“What a Wonderful WORLD!” In Song and Story….

Which Came First: The Chicken or the Egg?

My kids love to attend ANY kind of birthday party – fancy princesses, McDonald’s play-ground, bounce houses and face painters, even Chuck E. Cheese, but in our own family we love to throw “home-made” birthday parties. It’s just become our tradition. Now by “home-made”, I don’t necessarily mean the cake (that part I often do […]

Happy Birthday, Dear MJ! (Birthday Letter #6)

Each year, my “intentional” gift for my children on their birthdays is a letter of love and reflection. My little “sunshine boy” turns 6 today, April 2nd, 2013! My Dearest 6-Year-Old! You turn 6 today, and I am not feeling as nostalgic as usual this year. Perhaps it’s because I am enjoying you so much […]

Easter Egg Questions: A Dozen Talking Tips for your Family Meal

When I was going through the old plastic eggs today, putting little candies and stickers in, I found something from a couple of Easters back – little scribbled notes that reminded me or a great idea! For many years in our family, we had a tradition of sharing Easter lunch with some dear family friends […]

Got IDEAS? Got Kids with IDEAS?

Do you have an awesome idea? A little seed just waiting to grow and sprout and bloom this season or next? Here at Blissdom Conference, Author Jon Acuff spoke about harnessing our creative powers with “The 3 Stages of Every Awesome Idea”: Imagine Capture Execute I know the session was meant to help us with our […]

March 2, 3, 4!

This week, I had the chance to lead A “MACARONI MARCH” for Wee Volunteer at the great Pebbles Apartment Complex for moms and kids who were once homeless. Everybody brought their favorite mac n’ cheese boxes for the families, and we had fun celebrating the month of March with marches. We read a favorite book […]