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Dandelions and Days OFF: Tokens of JOY from Parenting and Life

If you read my blog, you know that I have my share of “no fun” moments with my kids, even a few BIG tantrums, though I don’t have a toddler anymore! Sigh. You know that I have long weekends and days without “Daddy” sightings or hubby-help. (Not because this is what Doc Dustin chooses for […]

Happy 36th Birthday: A Letter to Myself…

Well, I’m waking up to the coldest birthday I can remember! 25% and school is closed (again) here in Dallas due to ice and sleet on the roads….but my kids spent the night at my parents’ house last night, so “ahhhhhh“, I have a quiet morning to my older birthday self! A nice gift, for […]

Super-Star Values? Teach your kids how to be REAL Super-stars!

100 Ways to LOVE your Child! Simple ways to Put Meaningful, Loving Moments Into Your Busy Parenting Day…

Tomorrow is BACKWARDS YAD!

Did you even know there was such a thing? It’s true, and it’s LOTS of fun to celebrate with your kiddos. A great chance to turn an ordinary Friday into a memorable and SILLY one – creating moments of brain and family connections! I discovered this last year as I was getting ready for school […]

MLK Day: A Family Conversation…

Perhaps you have made plans to see a movie on your day off with the children, or to go shopping at the mall. Or perhaps your kids will be with a sitter while you’re at work – I know, not all of us get this national holiday off! May I humbly suggest that whatever your […]

Sprinkle a Little Gratitude Into Your Attitude….And Other Tips for a Stress-Free Year

 “The pursuit of compassion has made me happier than the pursuit of happiness.” Dr. Amit Sood This week I got to enjoy some one-on-one time with my little Ellie (4) who was sick with a fever and runny nose. No parent likes for their little one to be sick, but it doesn’t mean we can’t […]

Counting Our Blessings and Thanksgiving Songs

  This November, as we have been counting our blessings at home and at school, it has been such a blessing for me to help the children in my life to focus on an “attitude of gratitude.” And a great reminder for me, as well. We have enjoyed adding leaves of thanks to our “Blessing […]

Good, Simple Things by the Sea….

Happy May Day! 5 Great Ideas for Family Fun…

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old time is still a-flying… May Day is not commonly celebrated in the US, but kids love it, so let’s do it! Here are some fun ideas for celebrating and having fun together: Make a May Pole…I just used stopped by the hardware store to get 6-feet of pbc pipe […]