Why I’m Happy my Son is NOT Going to Kindergarten

Are YOU in the driver’s seat?

Has it ever struck you as odd that we have to take driving lessons, pass a test, and get a license to be able to legally drive, but ALL we have to do to become a parent, to become the caregiver/ teacher/ provider for a living creature (human, no less) is to HAVE SEX? That’s […]

Slow and Steady Wins the “Rat Race”: Reflections on “Race to Nowhere”

Last night several moms and dads from my “Parent with Purpose” Meetup group gathered, along with other Dallas parents, at the Studio Movie Grill for a screening of “Race to Nowhere: The Dark Side of America’s Achievement Culture”, a film by Vicki Abeles that the NY Times calls a “Must-See Movie”. Mom Vicki was moved […]

Back to School: You are What You Eat!

Okay, are making school lunches a pain in your you-know-what? Right now, I only have to do it three days a week for my kids, and Dustin often does it for me. He’s great about letting the kids choose some of the ingredients and elements, actually cooking things like hard-boiled eggs, and then showing them […]

Back to School? OOPS!

{Readers: Stay tuned for a “Back to School” series with suggestions for special songs and rituals to help you connect with your kiddos before and after school/ day care.} So, on Friday afternoon, August 19th, I was pulling into the driveway, having finished up our busy “Good Deeds Week”, and looking forward to having both […]