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Earth Day and Beyond: 10 Ideas for Re-connecting with your Family and Nature

Re-Connecting with Nature and with Your Family Talking Points and Family Ritual Ideas for Earth Day or any day: Write a “Thank-You” Note to “Mother Earth”, get your whole family involved, and find out what everyone appreciates most about nature. A rainy day? The smell of honeysuckle? The sound of the wind? see mine, which was […]

April FOOLS! for Kids: 10 Fun and Easy Tricks

I used to be able to make my kids laugh VERY easily…as babies, all I had to do was make a silly face or sound. But now that they are getting older, my silliness can elicit rolled eyes and sighs, though they can’t hide their smiles! 😉 The good news is that they are at […]

Happy May Day: Fun and Simple Ideas from my Family and Classroom to Yours!

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old time is still a-flying… This morning, I greeted the children at school with my May Pole, wearing a flower “princess” crown! May Day is not commonly celebrated in the US, but kids love it, and they enjoy hearing about the traditions of other children around the world. My […]

Picnics, Playdates, Poems, and other “Good SPRING Things”

(written April 27th, before the business began…) It’s a lovely overcast, cool Sunday morning, and I’m enjoying some coffee and bird songs on the back patio, surrounded by the beautiful fresh green of spring before the Texas summer heat sets in. The kids will be home soon after spending the night at the grandparents, and […]

Happy “Earth Day” to You, Happy “Earth Day” to You…

12 Great Easter Egg Ideas for Making Brain and Family Connections!

Happy Easter from my Family to yours! Bombarded with little plastic Easter eggs everywhere you turn? Here are a Dozen great uses for them! 1. Conversation Starters! Put in Easter Egg Questions: 12 Talking Tips for Your Family Meal! This is an idea we have used at our home before. Let the kids hide the […]

“Celebrate Spring!” A To-Do List for Busy Families

 “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” Margaret Atwood Overwhelmed and exhausted with birthday parties, soccer games, egg hunts, spring music and ballet recitals, and school fundraisers? April and May can be a BUSY time of year! But have you just stopped to play outside? To notice the […]

Happy May Day! 5 Great Ideas for Family Fun…

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old time is still a-flying… May Day is not commonly celebrated in the US, but kids love it, so let’s do it! Here are some fun ideas for celebrating and having fun together: Make a May Pole…I just used stopped by the hardware store to get 6-feet of pbc pipe […]

“What a Wonderful WORLD!” In Song and Story….

Easter Egg Questions: A Dozen Talking Tips for your Family Meal

When I was going through the old plastic eggs today, putting little candies and stickers in, I found something from a couple of Easters back – little scribbled notes that reminded me or a great idea! For many years in our family, we had a tradition of sharing Easter lunch with some dear family friends […]