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Connect with your Family at EASTER: A Spring BUNNY poem!

I had a blast doing these fun rhymes with my students at school this week! From babies through 5-year-olds, they each exeperience them at their own level, and get something different out of them. They loved meeting my sweet, soft bunny puppet, nuzzling him, giving him hugs and kisses and pats. The little ones practiced […]

Celebrate Spring! 10 Fun Ideas for your Family

  (This is the first post in my “Celebrate Spring” blog series. I’ll be sharing great ideas with you for building brain and family connections this season…stay tuned for more!) In case you didn’t know, yesterday was the FIRST day of Spring. “In Our Family”, our ritual is to play barefoot in the grass on […]

“Good Things” from Spring Break: Part 2!

This past weekend the kids and I continued our tradition of “family camping” (though Daddy had to stay back to work this time). No, don’t think too highly of me – I did not take them by myself! I went with my parents and some friends. AND my wonderful father had everything set up for […]

“Good Things” from Spring Break: Part 1!

Today was the final day of our “spring break”, and it was a good one. I hope yours was, too, or will be! I think every person ought to get a “spring break” in life! This time around for me was no trip to Cancun (like I did in high school with a school group), […]

March 2, 3, 4!

This week, I had the chance to lead A “MACARONI MARCH” for Wee Volunteer at the great Pebbles Apartment Complex for moms and kids who were once homeless. Everybody brought their favorite mac n’ cheese boxes for the families, and we had fun celebrating the month of March with marches. We read a favorite book […]

Family TREE Play! Quick, Easy, Fun game…

  Enjoying a beautiful day outside with your kids today? Have 5 minutes to spare at the park or soccer field before you load up the car? Have some favorite trees in your yard? Take a few minutes sometime this week to play a favorite “Manders” family nature game. Get some exercise, build brain and […]

Family “Noticing Nature” Walk for you!

Did you know that the First Lady has declared June “National Go Outside” month? In an effort for American families to get active, get outdoors, and get moving! June 9th is the official “GO” day! (Check  “National Get Outdoors day” website for activities.) I’ve spent the morning by myself at the lovely Arboretum, and I’m inspired…I […]

GOING OUTSIDE: Try It this Spring!

  Though Tuesday was the official first day of spring (and a very rainy one here in Dallas), Friday seemed like the official “Welcome Spring!” day. School children finally got to go out on their playgrounds (still a little muddy), they gathered in their yards after school with balls and bikes and sidewalk chalk, moms […]