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Full of Thanks and Giving! 10 Thanksgiving Ideas for your family from mine…

I am snuggled with my Ellie girl on the couch under a blanket this lazy Wednesday morning, enjoying a few days off from work and school. Feeling so thankful for a healthy, loving family, for a wonderful job that allows me to use my gifts and share lots of love, for the opportunities I’m given […]

Counting Our Blessings and Thanksgiving Songs

  This November, as we have been counting our blessings at home and at school, it has been such a blessing for me to help the children in my life to focus on an “attitude of gratitude.” And a great reminder for me, as well. We have enjoyed adding leaves of thanks to our “Blessing […]

Behind the Masks….

I had SO much fun with the pre-school kids at school this week doing Halloween songs, movement, and musical games*! We pretended we were bats, monsters, ghosts, cats, skeletons, and magic pumpkins! We held hands while I told my favorite not-so-scary ghost story by flashlight, we took turns surprising each other with Jack-O-lantern masks, we […]

STOP: Daddy Time!

Dustin works ALL the time, 6-7 days a week, often 12-16 hour days. He is on call every other week which means he might get a total of 4 hours of sleep every couple of nights. It means we sometimes go for days without seeing or talking to him. When he has a day off, […]

Our State Fair is a GREAT State Fair!

10 Fun Fall Family Rituals!

  “Loving, healthy RITUALS foster the development of loving, emotionally healthy children…. RITUALS are the GLUE that holds the MOSAIC OF LOVE together.” (Becky Bailey) Happy Fall, everyone! This is my favorite season for the crisp, cool days (still waiting) that refresh my spirit, the chance to be outside in nature again (now that the temperature in […]

Encourage an “Attitude of Gratitude” this Thanksgiving!

Here are some ideas I shared with you last year. More Thanksgiving songs, rhymes, books, and more to come! Enjoy, and pass along… Thanksgiving is such a great time to SLOW down and enjoy some time re-connecting with your kids and family. Here are few ideas from my family to yours: Encouraging an Attitude of […]

Flashlights, Spider Bites, and COLD nights!

10 Reasons to be a “Camping Family”! Camping encourages family team work! And the sense of communal living is so refreshing – people sharing their food and supplies, helping to set up tents for late-night arrivals, keeping my children OUT of the fire all weekend…It takes a “Village”! (Not pictured: MJ “fishing” for our dinner […]

Halloween Books and Songs

I have a new favorite Halloween book this year! I discovered it in a box of hand-me-down books in the garage, and my kids love it! This week I’ve been reading it to my music students in pre-school, and they are a rapt audience! Kids love to be scared (but only when they feel safe…). […]

Great Idea: Celebrate Dictionary Day!

Did you know today is National Dictionary Day? (Also the birthday of Noah Webster) I didn’t even know there was such a thing, but I discovered it reading this silly (but fun) new book Ellie recently chose at the bookstore, Meet the Lalaloopysy Girls! Apparently it was the day that “Bea Spells-a-Lot” (one of the […]