“Put on a Happy Face” and More Anti-Stress Tips to Teach your Kids

  I wanted to share few other helpful tips I gleaned from the “THINK” interview on stress-free and happy living. (My first article on the 5 principles for stress-free living) These are great insights, little life “lessons” to discuss with your whole family! Smiling really does trick your brain into being happier! Reminds me of a slightly […]

Sprinkle a Little Gratitude Into Your Attitude….And Other Tips for a Stress-Free Year

 “The pursuit of compassion has made me happier than the pursuit of happiness.” Dr. Amit Sood This week I got to enjoy some one-on-one time with my little Ellie (4) who was sick with a fever and runny nose. No parent likes for their little one to be sick, but it doesn’t mean we can’t […]

4 Secrets of a HAPPY FAMILY!

Listen to the story I recently heard this author interview on NPR, and as I listened I thought to myself, “I have got to get a book published!” He is echoing so much of the things I preach (and try to live) in my “Parent with Purpose” seminars. But, honestly, I think my way of […]

5 Ways to Make it a Happy Parenting New Year!

This morning, I was busy sending my kiddos out the door with the babysitter for an adventure at the Fair Park Aquarium to increase my own happiness by getting to check some things off my to-do list today before going back to work next week. As I packed their lunch and sipped cold coffee in […]

Moment for Mere: Lessons from French Moms

Does it sound refreshing to live in a society where the needs of mothers are culturally considered every bit as central to family happiness as the needs of the child? Where the feeling of “guilt” as a natural consequence to motherhood just isn’t in the air? Where it is not seen as “selfish” for a […]

Are You Parenting for Authentic Success? 10 “Baby-Steps” to get you started…

We hear SO MUCH (too much) in our society today about how to succeed, how to help our children succeed – our business- our family -our bodies – our schools- our teams – our country, what qualities and practices lead to success, what mistakes and mis-steps can keep us from it…My mind has been on […]