Valentine’s Story-Time!

MONDAY, Feb. 1st, 4:00-5:00 pm at Highlands Christian Church Come dance and sing, snack and snuggle, craft and CONNECT, play outside and imagine with your little valentines! Go home with “100 Ways to Love Your Child” AND a Family Valentine CD! Suggested Tip, $10/ family

100 Ways to LOVE your Child! Simple ways to Put Meaningful, Loving Moments Into Your Busy Parenting Day…

“Good Things” from our “Week of LOVE”!

I LOVED sharing extra love with my students at school as we sang love songs, and did valentine’s games and dancing! I got extra hugs and kisses from students in return, lots of “I love you, Mrs.Manders!“, and many kids who said they wanted to be my valentine! (I love my job.) MJ and Ellie […]

Is your Valentine a Bucket-filler? Are YOU?

  MJ’s fabulous “Bridge” teacher (between PK and K) has been teaching wonderful lessons about love and kindness, feelings and friends this month at school. They have a bulletin board where they are trying to reach “100 acts of kindness” as a class. Tonight, I e-mailed that MJ was a kind host for friend Marion […]

14 Favorite Phrases of LOVE for your Little Valentines/ Book-Lovers!

If you haven’t figured it out yet by reading my blog, one of my very favorite things to do with my children is read with them! It is one of the six “parenting priorities” I name in my mantra, “PLAY, LAUGH, SING, READ, LISTEN, HUG!” But if you pick a good book, and you are intentional […]

I love you more than APPLESAUCE!

I LOVE this silly kids’ poem by famous children’s poet Jack Prelutsky. I re-discovered it when looking on the internet for the origins of this phrase, “I love you more than applesauce.” It’s one of many that MJ and I have been saying to one another since  before Ellie came along, and I knew it […]

Valentine Songs and Books for Kids

Happy Valentine’s Week! Even if you have don’t have a “sweetheart” valentine or if the newness of sharing that first Valentine’s Day together has worn off 10 or so years later, sharing all the fun festivities with your young children makes it pretty exciting and fun! You can make it extra-special for them by adding […]

Great Idea: Make an “I Love…” Family Journal

“It’s about LOVE, LOVE, LOVE”

“It’s about Love, Love, Love” song, sung by Ellie and Mommy, accompanied by MJ on slide whistle, of course! This song is a good reminder for us on an overly commercialized, consumerized Valentine’s Day. Conversely, you could change the lyrics to any of the following catchy options: “It’s NOT about candy, candy, candy.”…”It’s NOT about […]

Where have all the flowers (and butterflies) gone?

Where have all the flowers gone? Well, maybe your husband still buys you flowers for Valentine’s Day . For me, it’s NICE chocolates (D has started a tradition of including the kids in this effort for Mommy by taking them along to Chocolate Secrets to select some special treats for me). But do the flowers […]