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Happy 5th Birthday, Ellie Girl!

What a Cutie-Pie! On May 18th,  my baby girl turned 5 years old! What a blessing to have healthy, happy, growing children. For me, a birthday is always a reason to stop and reflect, to pause and give thanks. One of my “intentional giving” rituals is writing a birthday letter to my children each year. Here […]

Picnics, Playdates, Poems, and other “Good SPRING Things”

(written April 27th, before the business began…) It’s a lovely overcast, cool Sunday morning, and I’m enjoying some coffee and bird songs on the back patio, surrounded by the beautiful fresh green of spring before the Texas summer heat sets in. The kids will be home soon after spending the night at the grandparents, and […]

Dandelions and Days OFF: Tokens of JOY from Parenting and Life

If you read my blog, you know that I have my share of “no fun” moments with my kids, even a few BIG tantrums, though I don’t have a toddler anymore! Sigh. You know that I have long weekends and days without “Daddy” sightings or hubby-help. (Not because this is what Doc Dustin chooses for […]

Good Things and “God” Things

Last week in chapel at my pre-school, CCDC (Christian Childhood Development Center) where I am the music/ chapel teacher for all the precious kiddos, we discussed how God is EVERYWHERE, even in our hearts. And how it doesn’t have to be a special day like Christmas or Easter or a birthday to celebrate God’s love, but we […]

“What a Wonderful WORLD!” In Song and Story….

How Was YOUR Morning?

Lest you think I have the perfect life and family, lest you think I’m a perfect mother with the perfect children, lest you think I have the perfect marriage and perfect home life, let me unload a little… (And , by the way, where have you been? You must be new to my blog – […]

Our First Family Pet: May He Rest in Peace…

Our brief but meaningful relationship with “Orangey Teddy Fish Manders” began last Saturday, and only lasted through the following Tuesday. Last Saturday evening, Dustin took the kids to Oktoberfest in Addison after they’d each had a long late afternoon nap. (This used to be one of our couple rituals b.c. “before children”, but apparently, it […]

September Snippets: Sweet Dreams, Sweet Words, and Sweetie Pies!

Today, my late Gigidad’s birthday: thinking about how he LOVED these little children, and I’m so thankful he got to meet and know them a little bit. Everyday, I try to channel his patience, goodness, and gentleness for my own parenting, but it takes at least double the recipe for my kids! Ellie and MJ […]

Summer’s End Snippets: Baseball, Board Games, and other Blessings

I feel so fortunate to have had this past week to BE with my kids – to play, to hang out, to read, to sleep in and relax. We really needed that break after the business of my camp and pre-camp schedule. I think I had just enough time with them to be ready to […]

Summertime Snippets: Spittle, Swimming, and Spaghetti Squash

Did you know about Spaghetti squash? I hadn’t, but there it was in the produce section of Albertson’s. Again, a good idea by my neighbor Jennifer! Cook this handy, cheap summer squash in the oven, then fork it out like noodles, and serve with tomato sauce. My kids thought it was pretty cool, and had […]