What I Know for Sure

How Long, O Lord, How Long?

Here is a piece I wrote for our church “Advent” blog, NorthPark Presbyterian church Blog: Advent Devotionals How long, O Lord, must we call for help, but you do not listen? How long must we cry out to you, “Violence!” but you do not save? (Habakkuk 1:2) We are weary with our crying out; our throats […]

Let Your Light Shine!

What I know for sure: Every child, every person is born with an inner light, a unique God-given spark of love and energy for the world. And all children deserve a chance to use their lights! Recently, I had a chance to lead and celebrate Children’s Sabbath with the children and congregation of NorthPark Presbyterian […]

Waiting for Water…”Paper for Water”: Let these Little Girls Inspire You to Make a Difference!

This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land…

And now for the perspective part of my blog motto: “Parenting with PURPOSE and PERSPECTIVE” …. My “worries” of late: Gus, our visiting guinea pig, pooped on the living room chair instead of the towel. Ellie refuses to brush her teeth with the new toothpaste. MJ just can’t seem to stop arguing with us when he […]

We Are Mothers…We will wait and hope.

“To have a child is to forever have your heart walk around outside of your body.” Years ago, I bought a set of notecards with an abstract print of a colorful heart on the front, and that anonymous quote on the inside. I shared this card with friends I knew who became pregnant with best wishes […]

Remembering Martin: “No More Hurting People. PEACE!”

It has been one year since the horrific incident at the Boston Marathon. I’m re-posting this in memory of Martin Richards, and in an effort to spread his message of peace. Watch this video to learn more about the Foundation his family has set up in his memory, and how his brave sister, mother, and […]

What Will You do TODAY with Your Child?

What I Wish for ALL Our Children, Even Alex Hribal

A mother-teacher’s perspective… In the wake of yet another violent school incident (thankfully without a gun this time), I find myself thinking sadly on the state of our society… on the despair and isolation that could lead a child to commit such a horrendous act on other children in what is supposed to be a […]

My “Not Infrequently Odious Children” and their proud “Good Enough” Mommy!

What a Difference a Day Makes! (…and a little bribery)

Moms, tired of FUSSY children after school? Try Mommy Manders’ new “SLURPEE STRATEGY”! Proven to work by some of the most difficult (and wonderful) children in the world! Last week, just when I was thinking about enrolling my children in full-time after-school care, we finally had a pleasant few hours together with minimal shouting, conflict, whining, […]