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“In Our Family” poster $5.00  

Live and Label your family values, make this your “family song”, and your children will always have them in their hearts and minds. LISTEN, HELP, SHARE, LOVE, CARE. Put it in a prominent place – by the kitchen table so you can sing together at mealtime, by the door, so you can sing it before you leave together to start your day and go out into the world. Sing and sign to the tune of “Are you Sleeping?”: “In our family, in our family, and in the world, in the world, we will listen, help and share, love and care, love and care.” Read more, see video: “Live and Label the Values”

“Inspirations with PURPOSE” for Mommy sticker-pack and guide 


20 great quotes and catchy phrases to inspire your “Mommy” day, on brightly colored peelable-removable sticker. Put them on your fridge, by your kitchen sink, on your bathroom mirror, on your dashboard, on your computer at work, on your laptop, any place that it might catch your eye, heart, and mind and remind you of some simple parenting principle to help you on your journey as a “Parent with Purpose”. The guide offers insights into child development and psychology, along with practical tips for parenting at different ages and stages. A great gift for new moms and ALL mommy-friends that you want to support and encourage along this journey. We’re all in this together, and it’s nice to have some positive thoughts to help propel you in the right direction, and through the toughest parenting times! Read more: “Inspirations with PURPOSE”

“Peace Rocks”


I use a “peace” rock as a touchstone to help “anchor” myself or an upset child for a deep, calming breath. We also like to “pass the peace” rock to each other, each taking a deep breath at the table or in the car when we’ve had a busy day. It is a kinesthetic reminder that God’s peace is in our hearts, that we are invited to slow down and feel loved. It is a wonderful ritual for teaching and modeling mindfulness for children. Put it by your back door so that your family can touch it and take a deep breath going out the door and returning home. Keep it in your purse as an option when your child is having a bad day. See my site for the simple Mr. Rogers’ “Peace and Quiet” song or sing “I’ve got Peace Like a River”. More peace tips and posts on my site to help you incorporate the rock into your family rituals!

Parent with Purpose Holiday Handbook by “Mommy Manders”, $5.00

This handbook is filled with over 50 pages of great ideas and inspiration for connecting with your children throughout the busy holiday season. 25 Ways to “Count Down to Christmas” together, 15 great holiday books for you to read together, tips for a stress-free season, favorite family ritual ideas, and more!